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Maybe Lord of the Rings: War in the North? (edit: oops, I see 2 recommendations on this already)

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here's a reddit thread on tips and tricks : reddit link

if you are on PC there's some tweaks you can make in .ini for performance : reddit link

Moving to a new map will increase difficulty (more zombies, more special zombies, more hostile humans).

Be very careful around human NPCs, even when you think you solved problems with just words, they might start shooting.

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Have you played Mass Effect 2? Fleshed out teammates, all dialogue fully voiced, and streamlined gameplay.

ME1 has a better main story, but the gameplay is a bit rough. If you can find 1 cheap maybe try it and see if you can stomach the rough edges. Otherwise go straight to 2. You can still enjoy 2 on its own (I started the series on 2, and then was compelled to go back and play 1 - 2 - 3 again).

Both games are around 20 hours.

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Game Gear: Columns (it was either that or a Garfield game...)

Game Boy Color: Pokemon Silver (thought about yellow too)

3DS: Fire Emblem Awakening (I basically used the 3ds to play all Fire Emblem games and nothing else)

Xbox 360: NBA Jam On Fire Edition (still play it on the x whenever friends come to visit)

Xbox One X: Forza Horizon 3 (never cared about racing games in the 20 years of gaming prior to this)

PS4 Pro: Persona 5 (I want a cat that sleeps in my desk and tells me if I answered exam question right, is that too much to ask)

PC: Torment? Alpha Centauri? Deus Ex? Vanilla WoW? I can't choose!

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I think Kiwami 2 is worth your time, and probably the best send-off for the series. It's still not as good as 0 (few games are...), but waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than Kiwami 1. 2 also has possibly the only worthwhile/strong female character in the series (who apparently wasn't very popular among fans, and promptly was written out of future games, ugh)

I got into the series with Beast in the East, so I am biased towards 0 and the games that build upon that. After playing Kiwami and Kiwami 2 (chinese version), and knowing a decent amount about the other sequels, I really have no desire to keep going in the series. 0 - 1 - 2 is as great a trilogy of videogames as any other. But by 6 it seems very few characters from 0 (and most of them were spectacular) are even around any more. The end of 2 also wraps up Makoto and Majima's story (the side story is very short, uneven in quality, but at the very least the cutscenes are worth youtubing), and Kiryu's 2nd love story. I am more that content to leave it at that.

I am much more interested in a new main character, or as rumored today, a new IP from the studio.

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@jaalmo: The hope is that after Battlefront 2 everyone is rolling back their loot boxes

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early reviews are not kind, ouch :(

destructoid 6/10: (for some reason metacritic shows 4/10)

gamespot 4/10:

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The running man 4/5

Finally saw this movie that is about as old as I am. I really hope I age as well as this film did. Arnold's one liners are as groan-inducing as ever, but everything else was really captivating. There are all kinds of ideas in here, about future tech (smart home!), society and government, entertainment and sports. I also find myself appreciating 80s pacing vs what we have these days in blockbusters. The film is short, moves from plot point to the next at a brisk pace, puts decent time into setting the atmospheric tone, and the action isn't lasting 15+ minutes at a time.

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The commercial flop part isn't that surprising -- the indie space is so crowded, most follow-up games to "surprise hits" won't do as well.

My biggest surprise was how little the press even covered it. You'd think they could get in the door just by being the devs of rogue legacy. Prior to launch, there were no interviews, no buzz at preview events, and only 8 or so reviews on metacritic. Heck, even destructoid sat on this interview for a couple months??

I liked the game a lot in coop, and I do agree singleplayer is very annoying (To be completely fair, you never lose xp and gold gathered when you die, so you can keep trying to beat a boss and failures are still helping your progression. This is also not conveyed well in the game, but as I stared at the bars, they do keep going up.)