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New fans coming from 0 and invested in Majima's storyline should be checking out Kiwami 2 (added chapter of Majima's story that ties into 0) instead of 6, if you are afraid of burnout.

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Indies have really exploded in the past few years. A couple super unique ones only on PC, off the top of my head:

Papers Please

Her Story


Sunless Sea

Card Hunter

Into The Breach

Pony Island

Stephen's Sausage Roll

Offworld Trading Company

The Yawhg

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@sombre: The UPF section was pretty early on. What sold me on the game was some youtubers co-op-ing the first chunk of the story. The mechanics/design/story go some weird weird places. Like a unicorn enemy you can capture, or a Revolutionary War side quest chain

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The game has been in early access for a while, and now finally fully released for PC and Xbox. Behemoth took a weird turn and made a turn based strategy game, much to the chagrin of fans hoping for Castle Crashers 2. But the game is very much worth your time. It is strategy + coop + pokemon.

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1. The art and humor is still very much their distinct style.

2. The strategy combat is not as tight as say Into the Breach, but the more laid-back feel is nice too.

3. The game also offers online or couch co-op, a rarity in turn based strategy games.

4. Units can be recruited by capturing enemies (of wacky design) on the battlefield.

5. All kinds of loot and customization options.


96% positive on steam

Destructoid: 8.5--"I love the risks it takes to shake up strategy RPGs. It's a wild, creative, occasionally erratic game. Pit People is imperfect, but it's so worth your time."

also 25% off until March 13, 2018, $15

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Rewatching Batman Begins right now. I always liked it more than the consensus, and now I am firmly in the camp of Begins > Dark Knight Rises. (not better than DK, but I really don't enjoy watching DK)

Begins has a cool horror vibe not found in the sequels. While Joker was more menacing, Ras al ghul offered the most interesting point of view out of all the villains. And it's still as good of a superhero origin story as any (although having went back to the New Hope and Ghostbusters recently, maybe the urge to explain everything is to the detriment of films these days)

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Fifa98 road to the world cup had Blur's Song 2 in the in-game soundtrack

To this day when I hear "woohoo" I still see that little rooster poking its head out in the menus.

Not really a music guys, so all my music-cred comes from sports games (gorillaz was in fifa2002, fort minor in NBAlive)

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First monster hunter, couldn't resist the hype the GB crew were giving. 2 weeks later, ~20 hours, and reaching the "2nd phase" of the game, I am probably not going back until a new edition, which given Capcom's track record is bound to happen. I did enjoy my time with it, and would recommend it to any new player intimidated by the series. I admire the game for putting so many different weapon choices and systems in. I don't even begrudge all the busy work involved, because preparation for a hunt makes sense.

However I do have some criticism (some will only apply to the light bow gun, which, like Jeff and the dual blade, I don't recommend for new players):

1) The loot isn't doing much for me. While the fact that move sets are there from the beginning is admirable, it also means I don't feel excitement from upgrading weapons. LBGs in particular don't even change in appearance much in the first chunk of the game. Armor sets have pretty wild designs that don't appeal to me either. Therefore after seeing most of the monsters, I feel no urge to grind.

2) I feel monster behavior has been greatly exaggerated. I had heard so much about "it's so cool these monsters feel so real, and they even fight each other!", but that wore off in just a couple hours. Every fight feels very mechanical, in that each monster changes a couple locations, limps a bit, and sleeps in the nest in their last phase. The way I settled into using the LBG (keeping distance, dodge, lure monsters into walking into mines, and melee when they are down) also highlighted how similar their attack patterns were.

3) Zorah Magdaros missions are absolutely horrendous. The map is confusing. I don't know where to go, and where I can climb. Once in a while the game just fades to a cut and puts me back at the beginning (I guess I went somewhere I'm not suppose to?) Imagine my surprise then, as I stumbled around and not achieving the main objectives, the mission went to next phase anyways, so my input was just an illusion! NPCs were also brain dead, as I see them loading canons and then just standing there, not firing. My palico sometimes helps loading, but sometimes just runs around blindly??

4. I couldn't care less about the story, and the characters don't even have names. Also the tone is really weird. Should we feel intimidated by the new world? But no one ever gets hurt on screen. Is the game trying to do a "circle of life" thing about appreciating all life forms? But it's designed around killing the same monsters over and over again for cool loot. I guess "research" is on everyone's tongue, especially the wide-eyed handler, but that just means pressing B over and over again.

Still a 4/5, definitely in my top 10 of the year.

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@shagge: Not sure if you know, they moved to PodBean, so now you can purchase individual episodes ($2-4 is still high, but if there's something you absolutely want...)

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Now Playing is a podcast series I have enjoyed for many years. Right now they are reviewing a video game movie each week. So far they have released reviews for King of Kong, Super Mario, and Double Dragon. The 2 Street Fighter movies are next up (released on Tuesdays).

Link to their archive here, new releases at the top

The hosts have varied backgrounds, do a good amount of research, and edit their audio pretty well. From what I've heard, at least one of the hosts has some video game chops (mentions xbox BC, RetroPie, etc). Each podcast is around 100 minutes long. At the end of each review, each host gives a "recommend' or "not recommend" grade (technically there is "so bad I recommend you see this" grade that is rarely used). They do lock some series behind the donation pay wall, but the video game movie reviews will all be free.