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Is anyone else reminded of the Police Quest series?

One of my first PC games I remember playing was the 256 colour VGA remake of Sierra's Police Quest. Being the young child that I was, I almost immediately got game over by failing to sit down during a police briefing. I recently got back into playing all games in the police quest series. The games in the series were basically point and click adventures, but with a strict adherence to police procedure. The last proper Police Quest game was released in the early 90's. Going back and playing the games I often wonder if a police procedural adventure would transfer well into today's HD video gaming market.

   I expect a lot of this in LA Noire, except this time it's in HD!
 I expect a lot of this in LA Noire, except this time it's in HD!

Seeing the development of L.A. Noire I am struck by some similarities. You play a simple beat cop who rises to a higher position in the police department. This would always involve some major criminal plot. There are also the intricate details of police work; interviewing suspects, finding clues, examining your surroundings. I always thought that a new Police Quest game would be too boring for the average gamer to sit through. But with news of LA Noire coming out. I realize that this is the closest I'll ever get to an HD Police Quest game. Sure it looks to have a lot of action and shooting, but there is also the intricacies of good police work present. There are not many games out there that have you wearing the police uniform.
That said, I'm certain LA Noire won't be so strict in regards to following police procedure: