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Notable Events from the GB Community: His Name was Endogene

Hello again fellow denizens of Giant Bomb! If you are reading this, you probably know what's coming because it's yet another instalment of....

Notable and Interesting Events from the History of the Giant Bomb Community

Previous instalments in this series include:
1. Persona 4 Endurance Run Ep. 50 Uproar
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3. ItalyCanadian9 Gets Exposed
It was June 21st, 2009 when one user's final blog post left a legacy, but will this legacy be one recognizing his major contributions, or one of a melodramatic farewell?

My name is Endogène,
I'm the 6th most important contributor to out of a total of 42985 members with a total of 57329 points that i got on 3523 different pages. I joined the site July 21, 2008, the day the site was launched. Including this final blog post i will have posted 3858 comments on the site. I am in the top 10 poster rank of both the "delete and combine" forum and the "editing and tools" forum. After I was chosen to become a moderator I moderated over 6000 submissions and posted  232 times in the "moderation hangout" placing 3rd on the top poster list. Today i turn my back to this all. 

His name is Endogène
A user of many qualities; knowledgeable, witty, inexplicably random at times.  Endogene was a Giant Bomb regular that undoubtedly had an immense passion for the site, most of his attention focused on the site's Wiki. He is not quite the 6th most important Wiki contributor this site has anymore, but he is still up there as one of the Wiki's main contributor at 12th place. Notable for his defence of NAKED CARTOON PUSSY, he laid the precedence for allowing all games in the eroge or H-game category in the site. But not only that, he was outspoken and strongly defended his views. It was a no-brainer that he became a Wiki-mod. Even in reviewing submissions, he scrutinized every user's contribution. Ensuring the info was original and accurate. Apparently this was all for nought as he came to a realization.
His name is Endogène   
He had concluded that the site's Wiki, the main feature of the site as advertised, was neglected by the founders and staff. Whilst responding to users' submissions, he had found that the reply button in the submission queue for mods was broken since launch. Devoting as much time as he did, he felt that with the giant influx of new content on site, including the ongoing Persona 4 Endurance Run and linking achievements to your profile, the staff have ignored the key component of the site. Witnessing many suggestions from users concerning improvement of the Wiki; experiencing and trying to rectify a Wiki issue; and seeing no response from the staff, he decided to tender his resignation. He sees this as an example of the staff ignoring the Giant Bomb community.

" Do the founders live in a tower so high above ground that they do only see clouds under them and not those below struggling? "

His name is Endogène 
Unfortunately, his final blog may be most remembered for his melodramatic style of including a detailed backstory, interspersed with exclamations of what his name is. In the unfortunate event that the reader forgot what his name was, Endogene would remind them. Pride and self-appraisal abounds as he listed what he thought had gone wrong with the site. His point would have undoubtedly been made clearer if the reader weren't confronted with the statement of Endogene's name after every paragraph. Of course, to end it all, he posts a symbolic poem. All before reminding everyone one last time with an exclamation that his name was Endogene.

" I didn't read any of that because its a fucking wall of text but one thing i do gather: his name is apparently endogene."

His name is Endogène
Considering how much the site has changed in nearly a year, would you think that Endogene would come back to the site in its current state? Do you agree with his assertions concerning the staff and Wiki? What would he make of all these new features notably; the Wiki Tasks and Quest System? How did you react to Endogene's departure and farewell? How would he be received if he were to return? All things considered, he was a hardworking contributor with nothing but love for this site. But people will remember one thing and one thing only...
His name was Endogène!
The blog can be found here.