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Notable Events from the GB Community (Mods plz don't take action)

What's this!? Yup, it's yet another instalment of.... *ahem*

Notable and Interesting Events from the History of the Giant Bomb Community

Previous Instalments in this series:
1. Persona 4 Endurance Run Ep. 50 Uproar
2. The Modelling Gig
For those of you wondering what the title of this blog is referencing, it actually came from a former mod named BoG in the thread of which this episode will recall.

"Business as usual, people, and if this is brought up anymore (and is unnecessary)  then the mods will take action."

As this event was one of many that defined the GB community over the years, I hope that the current class of mods will allow me to take the initiative to chronicle this notably humorous event in our history. So, due to popular demand, I shall begin the tale of deception, treachery and innocence.
It began one day a long time ago in the August of the year 2008. An innocent enough thread appeared on the boards entitled "Your favorite Giant Bomber (?)". Who could predict the can o' worms that it would open. The first response to this thread was "That hot crazy christian girl maybe". For the youngsters out there, that poster was, of course, referring to ItalyCanadian9. A little background on "her" if I may, ItalyCanadian9 was a popular user who was notable for pictures of herself that attracted several compliments. She also appeared to be a die-hard Christian often proclaiming her love for Jesus, Christianity and church.
Back to thread, it would appear from the beginning that the topic will deflect to something else. Take a wild guess at what it is.

Demilich said:

"That hot crazy christian girl maybe."

ahahah I know the one your talking about but I have my suspicions that she isnt actually a hot Christian, just some fat nerd who is tricking everyone else. I find it hard to believe that someone hot is really into video games, I thought that people like that only existed in nerds fantasies.
A few users tried to stay on topic, but after ItalyCanadian9 posted in the topic, the doubtful masses posed the possibility that *gasp* maybe its actually a guy. So good ole MB decided to deliver an ultimatum after ItalyCanadian9 ignored or deflected accusations. She never once said definitely "I am a girl." Even though she said "Thanks" after the first response in the thread.

Italycanadian9, not that you need to prove anything to anyone, but since you're so photogenic, you could snap a pic holding a handwritten sign with your username and Giant Bomb on it.  That would shut everyone up permanently.

Of course it would. Too bad that it would never happen.

 MB said:

"Jayge said:

"Or it would begin a torrent of friend requests and borderline-harassment comments that would probably be even worse than people doubting your gender."

Doesn't matter...such a pic will never be taken.  I'm sure you can guess why."

More truth. If s/he doesn't do this, it is practically confirmation that Italy is a dude. As MB said, considering how photogenic Italy is. 
ItalyCanadian9 completely ignored this request. A shock considering how she enjoys putting pictures of herself up on site. And then one Internet sleuth dug up information which further casts suspicion.

 ItalyCanadian9 said:

"Wow! Everyone is questioning me. What has the world come to? I guess Girls are not real. Only males are."

Well considering the pictures in your avatar arn't even you and they're a famous youtubber, there's some unanswered questions 
For some illogical reason ItalyCanadian9 responds to this by simply saying "Good". People demand "she" admit wrongdoing, but "she" plays dumb. Following this "she" says "Who says i was the girl in my pic anyways?". This argument is as normal as any other except for the fact that when people complemented the pics, ItalyCanadian9 would always respond "Thanks" or "Aww u r sweet", not once correcting anyone otherwise. "She" then claims that in a PM she told some users that the pictures actually weren't of her. After none of these alleged users showed up, the unappeased masses brought her to task on her responses to complements.

ItalyCanadian9 said:

"BiggerBomb said:

"ItalyCanadian9 said:

"Demilich said:

"That hot crazy christian girl maybe."

Thanks :)"
That."   <---- (Editors note: User was citing an example)
  He assumed i was a girl."
 Confirmed.  It's a guy.  For awhile I wanted to believe that it was actually a girl and it just wasn't her in the pics.    
Oh the irony, one of the people that brought ItalyCanadian9 to task the most said this at the beginning:

 MB said:

"ItalyCanadian9 said:


Flattery will get you least not until you turn 18, anyway."
MB must feel dirty for saying this. 
Well, after the discovery was made, ItalyCanadian9 tried to play it off. But the thread will continue another 15+ pages from that point. Normally, the mods would be all over this and lock it. But, we were all young back then and had a little fun.

MB said:

"Kush said:

"GOD! Can't this topic just be locked...

No way, this is getting good."
i love gb moderators :D
Shortly after, ItalyCanadian9 left Giant Bomb and never came back. If you look it up on the user database, ItalyCanadian9 is listed as a male. Irony?
The thread is right here, grab a bowl of popcorn and prepare yourself for an interesting show.

So that ends my long-winded instalment. Do you remember this happening? Some of you must have, (one user became a mod). Suggestions on what event I shall chronicle next?