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Notable Events from the Giant Bomb Community: "The Modelling Gig"

It's time for another instalment of Notable/Interesting Events from the Giant Bomb Community.  
The first instalment in this series was: Persona 4 Endurance Run Ep. 50 Uproar.
The recent reactions to a thread asking whether there are any girls on Giant Bomb have made me recall a time last year when a new user made a forum posted blog entry (I know a weird tangent). The day was Sept. 22nd 2009, and it began as any other day on the forums, until one Ms_Chivios posted a blog entitled " Modeling Gig Tomorrow!!!!", barring grievous spelling errors, this blog was out of the ordinary. It also brought into wide contact an element almost unheard of in the GB community, females. The blog proclaimed that Ms_Chivios or "Erin", as she called herself, was going to have a modelling gig the next day and promised to share the pictures. She noted that it would be a "fairly provocative shoot". The first few posts were okay, most were wishing "Erin" luck on the gig. But a few foreboding posts foreshadowed what was to come.

Hahaha, This thread is win, 
Best of luck, to you, But i would reconsider putting risque shots up, But that's just my opinion, 
Just one thing you are awfully new to the site, You have embraced it fast eh? 
Hope it all goes well :)  

This was followed with this response:

This is going to be my ultimate test for if I stay here.  IF the perverted comments make me laugh, then I am going to stay.  :D  

The blog soon was filled with interested forum dwellers looking to see what's up, and I think that blog began it's downward spiral with this post on page 4.

@creamypies said:

" I've got my lube and tissues ready! "

Aaaaand we're done. Clear out everyone. Thread's over. 
But, the thread wasn't over, the ravenous masses demanded to see the photos and the thread devolved into a thread of creepy comments, doubts of the OP's true gender, a race to 4 pages of posts (ended with 32 pages) and doubts about the OP's motives as illustrated by one forum regular:

 @Ms_Chivios said:

" @Shazam: How am I personally giving you a bad name?  This is the kind of person that I am.  Something amazing happens, and I want to share it with people.  Call it a personality flaw if you must, but do not attack my personality.  If it offends you that much, then put it in a nice little PM and we can discuss it as the mature adults that we are.  You are making it seem like I am attacking you personally.  How am I doing that?  "

Haha, quit with the lil Ms innocent act, Ms Chevios :). Your ultimately saying your open minded and happy enough to share provocative images of your body with guys you don't know, on a videogame forum. It has taken you a measly two posts on this forum to make you confident in doing so, lol.   
You do so with no prior knowledge of what long standing female members of this forum have had to endure consistently. Your attempts at getting a cheap, fiddle, (enjoy those PM's lol)  have done them no favours at all, for it is they the will face the brunt of your actions, not you with your laxity and open mind. 
Anyway, hurry up and post those pics will you, this thread is getting even duller. 
One observant user noted:

My god, what happened to this thread, it went from100 posts to 600, overnight. 

The blog/thread was closed with a grand total of 16,131 views and 630 posts in under 3 days. You'd think that was the end of that, until Ms_Chivios posted the photos in a new blog entitled " Pictures from my Photoshoot" two days later. She showed those that doubted her gender and appeared to have the last laugh. Again, the first few posts were okay, some offering their constructive criticisms and opinions. And people were starting to warm up to her. But somewhere along the line things got out of hand and I'm assuming posts got deleted because of reactions to those supposed comments. The OP took the the photos down and replaced the first post with a message to the dark side of the GB community. The user has since never returned, and a shadow was cast over the GB community. Her lasting legacy will be the picture she left us on her profile page, again a message to the bad elements of the GB community. The event was summed up by one poster:

I don't seem to understand why everyone's being a huge dick to her. Nobody invited anyone to come into this thread, no, this is actually one of her blog posts.
Actually, no, fuck it. What kind of demographic am I even talking to, here? It's probably not worth the effort. 

Has the community improved since then? Are still susceptible to scaring away new users who want to express themselves? Why is the occurrence of "girl-gamers" met with such reactions? I guess it must be because of that "ItalyCanadian9" incident. (Should I chronicle that for the next instalment?) What are your thoughts on what transpired that week?