Personal Most Hated Enemies in Gaming

These adversaries just get underneath my skin the most.

List items

  • The shambling undead don't mind a few bullets or blows to the head.

  • Out of all the enemies that I yell "Stop moving!!!" at, the helicopter takes the cake as the most annoyingly agile foe.

  • How many times have I been close to breaking the NES controller fighting this guy?

  • Yup, just walking around minding my own business not expecting any objects falling at terminal velocity.

  • Because the cops wouldn't find any suited bouncer-types loitering around an apparently abandoned warehouse suspicious.

  • Seriously, these guys just have to walk into you for a fatal attack. Are these guys' skin coated in a deadly toxin or something?

  • Just when you have an important task to fulfil, you have the added pressure of doing within a time limit.

  • What architect would design a castle with a bottomless pit in the living areas?

  • Bullets are bad. Bullets can turn you into swiss cheese. You don't want to be swiss cheese.

  • Screw PETA, I don't want to be dinner for ravenous beasts. Have you ever seen the show "When Good Pets go Bad"?