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Note: This review includes the Paradise Island expansion packThis game has an interesting premise, become the leader of a self sustaining island society. In Tropico, you lead the people in any matter you wish. First, when you begin a new game you have to set the basic parameters of your island, including size, water coverage and starting population. These and other adjustments will dictate your difficulty rating. (If you choose to play a scoring game) After, you can start customizing your leader...

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Multiplayer is just darn fun. 0

Battlefield: Bad Company is just the second Battlefield game released on consoles, but this by far blows the first game away. Utilizing the newly developed frostbite engine, Bad Company adds a never before seen aspect of gameplay. Destructible environments. No longer can snipers hide behind windows, you can just destroy the wall they're hiding behind. With this innovation, strategies rapidly change to adjust to new environments created by the destruction.Another new aspect to the series is the i...

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