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Long Time No Blog

Hello everyone! It sure has been a loooooooooong time since my last post, but something important has come up and I need some help from you guys. Heres the story, so recently I bought World of Warcraft and have played for about 27 hours, after a long day at work I come home to see that I have been banned for Spamming and Advertising other websites????? I recall no such thing. I emailed Blizzard but have yet to get a response. I was just hoping that someone on here could help me out with retrieving my account back. I would be forever grateful.
In other news, its my birthday! Big 17, can finally buy my own M games! ha I also reserved Mafia 2 and got MLB 10 the Show for my bday.   Please help me!!!


60 Bucks

I have that much money on a Gamestop card and I was just wondering what game you guys think I should get. I was thinking Far Cry 2. I want a game that will last me awhile, I will make a Lizards Lair when I get that game. Also beat Saints Row 2 and that game is amazing, it just took my number 5 spot for GOTY. K cya