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Happy to see this thread back and popping!

In the downtime, a channel has been made on discord for people to share codes as well, if none of the ones here are active still, make sure to check out the #recruit-a-friend channel in the VinCo discord or failing that, just shout for one and someone will be sure to help.

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@doctordonkey: i believe when this was started, the free trial only went to 14? but still, free teleports are worth it by themselves imo

also, someone might only play one job to 35 on the trial and decide to want to go further, this should work for any job under 25

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With so many new folks hopping in for Shadowbringers, I thought it would be a good idea to have a nice centralized place for people to post their refer a friend codes, and for new folks to be able to find them.

Codes benefit both people, it's especially beneficial to someone just starting out, because it gives you a 20% xp bonus, 99 free teleports, a fistbump emote, and tokens you can trade for gear!

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It's pretty good gear too! Item level 390 for level 70 characters

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Here's a good format to post your codes in (i don't know if all this information is relevant but it's good to have)

Character name: Dig Douglas
Server: Ultros
Referral Code: **Used**

That's a real one by the way, feel free to snag it. They're one time use, so post when you take one, and the poster can cross it out or put up another or whatever.

To use the code, just head to the mogstation (where you set up your account) and there should be an option there, if you haven't already purchased a subscription.

For more information on the refer a friend system, check out the special site here

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@snakelinksonic: it should be noted, the twitch prime version and the steam versions aren't compatible. if you're buying on steam, you will have to go all in on steam. if you have the twitch prime version, you have to buy from square enix store or some other non-steam pc store

it basically treats steam as a separate platform, just like how you can't log in on ps4 without buying the ps4 version, even though you have a pc account

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moogles are only really long if you do every side quest.

just like 2.1-2.5 is only really overlong if you can't wait to get through it. it's an enjoyable story and there's not a lot you could cut out of it, unlike the titan questline in the 30s

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@casepb: I didn't start playing until like a month before stormblood. my girlfriend started playing with me, but dropped off for a few years and just started getting serious in like 4.1 and is already caught up. you're never too far behind honestly

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vinco is a beautiful free company full of lovely friendly people and I hope you'll all consider joining us for shadowbringers

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i've just been busy with school and work and final fantasy xiv as usual

my top 10 is probably like:

10. i'm so sick - apink
9. go - nct dream
8. snapshot - in2it
7. la vie en rose - izone
6. right here - the boyz
5. rollercoaster - chungha
4. regular - nct 127
3. oh my mistake - april
2. love bomb - fromis_9
1. bad boy - red velvet

and in other red velvet news, i've got tickets to see them in february. basically 8 rows back from the stage. i'm so hype

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i'd never heard of this group before, but this is a super solid release: IN2IT - SnapShot

also, my girlfriend and i managed to snag p1 tickets for wanna one in june!! super excited to get to see them before they disband at the end of the year