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hola hola just sounds like oh nana run through a tropical house filter to me

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can't believe you left out the last two releases from the loona girls. while their whole marketing concept is exhausting, they're the first two good songs they've put out

kim lip - eclipse & jinsoul - singing in the rain

other good ass songs i can't stop listening to lately: a.c.e - cactus, red velvet - red flavor, wjsn - happy & kiss me, nct 127 - cherry bomb, stellar - archangels of the sephiroth, nine muses (a) - remember

and because i'm going to see them live in 2 days: monsta x - shine forever, beautiful, & rush

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i'm only 52, just taking my time doing content, playing like i would have if it was still 2.x and not trying to rush the complete everything in time for stormblood. i'm actually doing my zodiac weapon quests even. i know i can get better like, instantly, in numerous ways, it's just more fun to me this way. everything i want to do will still be there when i get to it, if past experience is any indication, it will be better (uncapped currency/no weekly restrictions, etc).

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it's back! the campaign that brought us butler/maid outfits and the original fat chocobo has been updated with new far eastern themed items

No Caption Provided

if you spend $19.99 or more in amazon's videogame department between now and may 8th, 2017, you will be emailed a code to redeem. all the info is here:

it should be noted, if you haven't pre-ordered stormblood yet, that qualifies, as do 60 day time cards.

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i joined the free company but haven't really said anything yet, i'm slowly working my lil ninja through the msq. i don't really know what i wanna do job wise yet. i'm thinking take ninja to 50 then try drk/ast, but the idea of tanking is not as appealing as the idea of playing as drk again (my ffxi character a hundred years ago was drk), and i'm not sure what the hell is up with ast but it seems like white mage but with random buff things to make it annoying?? and then there's stormblood stuff to consider... i might just stick with nin, i just worry with all the mudra stuff since going from rog->nin it's getting too dense to be something enjoyable at cap for me.

basically i just want the easiest job of the 3(5?) to push butan and make number go up real big. i don't want responsibility

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this thread has slept on dreamcatcher for long enough, which is weird because you were right there with fri.sat.sun/subin's releases...

dal shabet's little sister group minx added 2 members and re-debuted as dreamcatcher with a completely new sound, which is basically: anime opening idol group

they've promoted two songs now, "chase me" and their newest release "good night"

they've also done some dance practices: beyonce, amelia lily, snoop dogg, big bang

and some full covers: maroon 5 - lucky strike & snsd - into the new world

really though, listen to good night.

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after a-ing was nothing but a disappointment infused with cringey korean reggae, oh my girl is back with another hot banger, 'coloring book'

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haven't posted in this thread in almost 2 years now but i'm still deep in the game. in the past month i've seen both hyuna and shinee live

the hyuna show was a smaller venue, almost like you'd see a regular band play at, standing room only, bar in the back. it was super fun and energetic, she performed all her singles and some b-sides, even change. the only disappointment was no blacklist, but i guess it's to be expected with no LE. there was even a "meet & greet" after where they like, got hyuna down at crowd level and everyone walked by to high five her one by one.

shinee was intense, even though it's not the first time i've seen them, they came out here last year for a fanmeet, and performed a couple of hits then, with some fanservicey games and activities thrown in. this was for shinee world v though, their official world tour, so it was like a 2.5 hour long epic concert like you'd see dvds on sale for. they performed a ton of songs, both popular singles and b-sides & ballads, taemin even got a solo dance stage. lots of weird art videos in between sets to buy time for costume changes. it ended with a practice/rehearsal video leading up to the show you just watched & it was pretty effective at getting you emotional, even as not the absolute biggest shinee fan, it's crazy how much work these guys put in.

all that aside, i've been jamming to the new gugudan pretty much consistently lately, and since no one else has linked it, here you go~

also i guess there's a new girl's day or something here's that.

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they look fine in the forums, but the main page/video titles look really bad, at least in chrome