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haven't posted in this thread in almost 2 years now but i'm still deep in the game. in the past month i've seen both hyuna and shinee live

the hyuna show was a smaller venue, almost like you'd see a regular band play at, standing room only, bar in the back. it was super fun and energetic, she performed all her singles and some b-sides, even change. the only disappointment was no blacklist, but i guess it's to be expected with no LE. there was even a "meet & greet" after where they like, got hyuna down at crowd level and everyone walked by to high five her one by one.

shinee was intense, even though it's not the first time i've seen them, they came out here last year for a fanmeet, and performed a couple of hits then, with some fanservicey games and activities thrown in. this was for shinee world v though, their official world tour, so it was like a 2.5 hour long epic concert like you'd see dvds on sale for. they performed a ton of songs, both popular singles and b-sides & ballads, taemin even got a solo dance stage. lots of weird art videos in between sets to buy time for costume changes. it ended with a practice/rehearsal video leading up to the show you just watched & it was pretty effective at getting you emotional, even as not the absolute biggest shinee fan, it's crazy how much work these guys put in.

all that aside, i've been jamming to the new gugudan pretty much consistently lately, and since no one else has linked it, here you go~

also i guess there's a new girl's day or something here's that.

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they look fine in the forums, but the main page/video titles look really bad, at least in chrome

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are you saying that unprofessional fridays is TOO unprofessional? that it's not good that they don't introduce who is on the couch on the premium show, where premium members who pay for a subscription would know good & well who is on the couch?

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In the first few weeks after this game came out, people were treating it like it was the second coming of Jesus, and now it seems like everyone (at least on this site) have turned on it. What happened? I for one still think it is one of the best games ever made.

slowly over the past couple months, they have been patching things in that change how the game works, as well as more things to push people into using their microtransactions. they change small things that are barely noticeable unless you've played a ton, like stun time when enemies are cqced, and the amount of resources you get when fultoning containers for the second time+, and then larger more obvious things like changing how detection works on FOBs, and changing how reinforcements spawn in. and then finally, more gross things that try to force you to pay them to get MB coins, grade 7 and 8 weapons and new security devices that take ridiculously high levels, tons of resources, and weeks of time to even develop. i've played the game for 200 hours now and i'm nowhere even close to getting some of these things. if i were to pay them for a second FOB, i could have them as fast as i could extract soldiers and upgrade it to hold them.

it's still the solid game that it was when it was released, they just keep changing things and adding things over time that add up to enough to make people who stick with the game not enjoy it's loop anymore. they want you to invade and defend FOBs a ton, but change the rules of FOBs to make it less fun and even easier on the defender, then want you to pay money to stay competitive in it. the things like changing times of stuns are kind of bad, and reducing the amount of resources you get by 100x after you extract a container for the first time is really bad, but they're not the kind of thing you notice your first time through the game.

you can easily continue to ignore FOB stuff and it will have very little effect on you or your enjoyment, but the people still playing it... don't have much else to do, and when your experience starts to sour, you kinda look back on what you played and the negative things you overlooked before like the story & characters being really flat to nonexistent and/or unfinished, really start to become more prominent. i still had tons of fun with it, but i continue to want to, and it would be cool if they could stop making it worse and harder to do that with each new patch.

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just think of it like mgs3 or something but with no load screens/breaks between different areas of the same map. the way the gameplay works is basically the same, except now you have a helicopter to pick you up and quickly take you from one end of the map to the other, or another map entirely.

i'm glad there's not a lot of typical open world time sink filler, there could be a bit more dynamic side missions, like maybe you spot a jeep and it's got a prisoner in it, and it starts a side op right there to rescue them, but it would probably be over in 3 seconds because you could just shoot the tire, tranq the soldiers, and fulton everything.

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and not one mention of david hayter

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@darson: timeline wise solid & liquid would both be about 12 in 1984

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hayter will voice the character you create at the start of the game

that's my prediction

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after tonight the only wait is for september 1st

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    "in before the podcast is up" crew represent