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Games I Finished In 2010

This was a list of the games I finished in 2010.

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  • Finished this on January 24th, preparation for Mass Effect 2. It was my first time ever through the game, and it took me 25 hours to complete. I ended up with the Completionist and Tactician achievements as well.

  • Finished on February 7th, 100% completed all side missions, exploration, upgrades, and research. Everyone loyal, no one left behind, 33 hours to finish.

  • Finished in co-op with a friend on February 10th. Still need to go back and get all the trophies eventually, but I might wait til Encore.

  • Finished on February 13th on Hard, first time through. All Riddler challenges, Upgrades, and character bios complete, Spirit of Arkham found. 84% complete over all, don't really feel like doing challenges to get 100%.

  • Finished on March 2nd, Villa at 95%, 88% trophies, All upgrades/armors/collection junk done, but missing 1 weapon and like all the feathers (fuck feathers).

  • Finished on March 15th on Normal, 72% trophies, don't feel like going back and grinding out the rest, or playing it again on Hard. Don't play this game.

  • Finished on March 16th on Normal in a co-op marathon session, including the pre-order mission. Almost level 11 with both GDI and NOD, not a bad start for some multiplayer tomorrow, definitely had more fun than grinding it out in MP from level 1.

  • Hit 50 on a Claws/Invulnerability Brute on April 2nd. Since it has prevented me from finishing other games I might as well count hitting the level cap as "finishing". It's my 17th 50 overall, 9th Villain, 2nd Brute.

  • Hit 50 on an Electricity/Mental Manipulation Blaster on April 12th. Similar to the last game I "finished" counting maxing out a character as finishing the game. 18th 50 overall now, 9th Hero, 2nd Blaster.

  • Finished as Haggar and Cody in Co-Op, still things to unlock, still need to play Magic Sword sometime.

  • Finished as a Soldier this time. Main campaign, Zombie Island, and General Knoxx. Didn't do a second playthrough so I only ended up at like 44, but whatever. Back to playing my Siren, need to finish the other 2 Moxxi long tournaments someday.

  • Finished, got a good (best?) ending. Would like to play through it again someday to see it taken another way. Not gonna bother ruining everything to get trophies though.

  • Finished on Average Joe as Scott. Might try higher difficulties or just trying to get more money to buy stuff.

  • Finished, or at least as finished as you can be. Got all the achievements, at Elite 100-something, 660 million total score, over 100 songs played. Crazy.

  • Finished with the true ending on November 24th, Normal difficulty in 74 hours 26 minutes.

  • Cleared all stages. Have 4 Chaos Emeralds left to get but fuck it I finished, I'm not a completionist.

  • Finished on normal difficulty (finally), might go back and play it all again on Hard or Brutal.

  • Finished on Hard difficulty, 27 treasures, about 10 hours played. Just like the first Uncharted, fantastic game, but no desire to go right back through on Crushing to trophy hunt.