Games I Finished In 2011


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  • Finished in 9 hours in co-op, still have some achievements to get and arena stuff to try. Great game, would like to see more.

  • Finished in one really long sitting with many breaks. Thanks to Aeric for sharing.

  • Finished in 36 hours and 31 minutes as a Human Noble Rogue. Finished most side-quests I could besides junk collection ones.

  • Finished on PSN in like 3 hours. Really short, really easy, not much reason to go back but for 2 dialog option trophies I missed.

  • Finished Story mode, Challenge Tower, Arcade ladder, and Tag ladder. Still playing to finish Arcade ladder as more characters, play Test Your Luck, and try for hidden fights, as well as play online when PSN is back, but considering this one finished.

  • Finished in 8 hours. Game 1 of Operation: Beat Steam Games. Glomar.

  • Finished in like 18 hours, not 100% complete, missing some recipes and memories. Excellent game, would recommend. Game 2 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in 6 hours, not 100% complete, didn't feel like doing speedruns or anything. Game 3 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in 2.8 hours, not 100% complete, no speedruns again. Really cool little game. Game 4 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished a campaign, will probably keep coming back to this, not really a play through once kind of game. Game 5 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished solo campaign and got an ending, probably more endings to get with different choices made in the story. Also most of the way through the campaign in co-op as well. Honestly a pretty awesome game overall. Game 6 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in about 4 hours. Buggy and weird with crazy difficulty spikes, but at least it's short. Game 7 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in 35 hours. Already ready to start a new playthrough. Great game, would highly recommend.

  • Finished in 24 hours in co-op as Xian Mei. Totally didn't expect it to be as good as it was, had some impressive features and was relatively bug free. Would recommend.

  • Finished in 19 hours, went Tech Specialist into Spy. Surprised how good it was, too bad there won't be a sequel.

  • Finished in 62 hours, only died 45 times. Imported this in March of 2009, got a Thief to SL36, 18 hours in, and gave up. Went back to it recently, started up this Royal, and here I am now. Great game, would recommend.

  • Finished in 11 hours, 25/32 achievements. Kinda dated, not especially exciting. Game 8 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in 52 hours, played as an Argonian Thief sneaky arrow and sword murder-y guy named Carl, finished at level 16. Completed thieve's guild, dark brotherhood, arena, and a ton of misc. sidequests.

  • Finished in 3 hours. Not sure if there was more shooting than the original game, or if they just cut out the running parts and replaced them with puzzles and escorts. In any event, it crashed as soon as the after credits bit ended, a fitting finish. Game 9 of Operation: Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in 3 hours. Great game, really good atmosphere, clever but not dumb or frustrating puzzles, simple controls, good platforming. Played it just on keyboard even, where i usually use a gamepad for platformers. Game 10 of Operation Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in 37 minutes. Really short, ran at like 500fps, combat was really simplistic and dumb. Lots of cheap deaths. Game 11 of Operation Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished in 5 hours. Pretty difficult, had to play the hint book minigame many times. A lot of puzzles make you feel dumb for not knowing it once you figure out the solution. If you're interested in watching me fumble around it for an hour, there is an archive here Game 12 of Operation Beat Steam Games.

  • Finished just shy of 9 hours. Great game, couldn't put it down. Started a new game+ instantly, then realized it was 6am. Merry Christmas.