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Games I Finished In 2012

A new year, a new list of games I've finished.

I'm proud to say I didn't give up on any games in 2011, let's see if I can keep it up.

List items

  • Finished on January 6th in about 28 hours, 100% Missions, Activities, and Map. Working on getting all the Assassinations, Vehicle Thefts, and Challenges done still, while waiting on the DLC.

  • Finished on January 12th in 11 hours, got the good ending I think. Got better towards the end, but early on didn't do much to motivate you to keep playing. A lot of things seemed optional for achievements only.

  • Finished on February 14th after 27 hours of trying and failing. It took some getting used to but it's kind of addictive once you get into it. Though near the end if i got some bad rooms or took too much damage in the basement I'd just die on purpose and start over and hope for better powerups.

  • Finished on February 26th in like 5 hours. It was alright but the ending was really unsatisfying. Like Bulletstorm last year it's pretty short, but fun to play.

  • Finished on March 29th in about 5-6 hours, still haven't saved all the children or gotten all the achievements, but I finished all the worlds and got the ending. Awesome game, everyone should check it out.

  • Finished on May 18th in 24 hours and 36 minutes on Normal as a Monk. Got to level 32.

  • Finished on June 14th in 15 hours on Normal difficulty. Not sure I'll bother with new game+ or challenge maps or dlc or anything just yet, but I really enjoyed it.

  • Finished on August 22nd in 21 hours. Didn't 100% but I'm satisfied with it, really enjoyed the Homicide and Arson desks. Overall, would recommend.

  • Finished on November 2nd in 5 hours. Might go back and get all the masks/puzzle pieces. Great game.