Games I Finished in 2013

Let's see how this goes...

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  • Finished on January 25th in 10 hours, got all 106 Starites and all object shards and achievements. Cute fun game.

  • Finished on January 29th in 57 hours, already most of the way through NG+, planning on invasion and co-op built characters next.

  • Finished on March 4th in around 9 hours. Streamed the whole thing, only died like once or twice, and got lost/stuck like twice. Was my first time through, but still really holds up today.

  • Finished on April 17th in around 13 hours. Now it's time to wait on DLC and an eventual second playthrough.

  • Finished on May 30th in about 3 hours. Didn't get all the combos, fun little game though. Super simple.

  • Finished on June 19th in about 14 hours. I cheated for the last couple puzzles and technically should have finished on June 22nd at 3:20pm if the clock puzzle had it's way. Still really enjoyed the rest of the game, even got used to the map and navigating the world eventually.

  • Finished on July 8th in like 10 hours. 147 heirs later. Fun game, will probably keep dipping into Legacy+

  • Finished on August 24th in 27 hours. I played 3 a lot more counting all co-op playthroughs and DLC and all, but had way more fun with this one.

  • "Finished" on September 30th (White Mage level 50). Relic weapon acquired on October 24th, +1 on November 12th.

  • Finished on November 13th in 2 hours. Quick and easy, felt like it ended just as it started to pick up.

  • Finished at least 5 times before November 15th. Each run took about an hour. Great game, addictive & fun.

  • Finished on November 20th 2013 in 8 hours. Longer than the original but still has that same "ended as soon as it got going" feeling.

  • Finished on December 7th in 3 hours. Great game, cool mechanics, great writing.

  • Finished on December 11th in 14 hours on Normal. Thought I was screwed because I took too long to assault the alien base thinking it was the end of the game. Interested in the expansion.