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  • Finished on January 13th in about 33 hours. Still have a bunch of DLC to do before it's complete complete but let's savor the flavor a bit on this one.

  • Finished on January 20th in 5 hours and 13 minutes. Started again on Hard, have DLC to do and upgrades to buy still, plus VR missions...

  • Finished Episode 1 on February 28th in like an hour. Waiting for the rest of the episodes to come out now.

  • Finished on March 2nd in 8 hours. My brain hurts.

  • Finished... I don't remember when or how long it took, I should have kept better track of this year. Everything after this is loose chronological order.

  • Finished on Easy, Normal, and Hard? I dunno, it's a blur, this game is simple and neat.

  • Finished in just under 12 hours, thought about starting recursion mode but that ending sealed things up too nicely.

  • Finished in 30 hours, still have a lot of side stuff left to do but i'm waiting til i get a new PC so i can do them above 18fps

  • First mom kill in just under 5 hours of play, predict i'm going to be playing this one more than the original (93 hours at press time)

  • Finished in about an hour on December 19th. Still messing with side ops and stuff

  • Finished in 1:09 at 85% completion on December 27th with Dora