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Games I Gave Up On In 2010

Kind of an opposite of my other list, this is a list of games I started but just didn't want to finish, in 2010.

List items

  • Got to final boss guy with Coyori, fuck his whole gimmick though.

  • I played up to the demo level, decided I didn't want to play anymore. Back to Gamefly.

  • Harder than 9, but with less interesting stages/bosses/music? Glad I bought this...

  • Rented from Gamefly, which means I didn't have access to 90% of the online, which means I didn't care about playing it.

  • Everything about this game was fun, except the races. And the load times.

  • Got to the first mission outside of training.

  • This game was actually really fun I just didn't feel like finishing it. Only had one temple to go to make the light orb.

  • I tried playing this again and still can't get past Wily stage 1. Magma beams.

  • I got Sten and Leliana and went to the Circle of Magi. Was kinda cool up til that Fade part, then I lost all interest. That was still like 10 hours in for me.

  • My internet was out for 3 days and I started playing this. Had to pull some computer wizardry to get it to even run properly (win7 x64, kill explorer.exe while playing). I doubt I will ever finish it, maybe with cheats just to see the story. Someday.

  • I got as far as putting this in my PS3 and looking through the classes.

  • I'm on the last day/set of cases and I just don't feel like finishing it.

  • I was going to write out a blog on why I still find it really boring and won't keep playing it, but nobody will care, because they liked it, so back to Gamefly and onto this list it goes.

  • Liked: Guns, Shooting, Time Thingy. Disliked: Just about everything else.