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Probably the Top 10 Games I Didn't Actually Play in 2013

I wanted to do something different for game of the year this year, and since I didn't play many 2013 games in 2013, these are games I had the means to play (a PC), and was interested in, but just didn't have the money, or time, or whatever.

They're probably great.

List items

  • Tomb Raider looks rad, and I'm actually kind of cheating to get it on here, because I played the multiplayer on PS3 at a friend's house. @aurahack described it as "a pretty good Uncharted game in a year with no Uncharted games." and that sounds fantastic. Also I love bows.

  • I kinda checked out on AC after 2, mainly because they just looked like more of the same, and then I heard how bad 3 was. 4 looks to change all of that, with crazy boat pirating and a new direction for the meta-story. I really wanna play this one.

  • I've actually SEEN most of DmC, watching a friend play through it on stream, but I haven't ever touched it myself, and it looks fantastic. The aesthetic, the music, the level design, and the combat all look great.

  • I only just finished Enemy Unknown for the first time this year, so it's pretty fresh in my mind what a great game XCOM is, and more of that sounds like a pretty good time, especially with all the crazy new stuff they've added.

  • Divekick just looks like the dumbest kind of fun. I'm not really the most competitive person in the world, so a simplified 2 button fighting game sounds just like the kind of thing I could get behind.

  • I never played regular ass Far Cry 3, but I'm kinda way more interested in Blood Dragon anyways. Everything about it looks like some kind of awesome neon fever dream starring Michael Biehn.

  • This looks kinda interesting, but unassuming, and a lot of people seem to be putting it on their lists, so I should probably check it out at some point.

  • I still just own vanilla Civ V, but everyone else I know who has played it with the expansions says they just can't go back, so there must be some incredible stuff in here.

  • Heart of the Swarm is a sad case, it went from my most anticipated game of 2013, to pretty much the bottom of my list, all because I fell out of love with the multiplayer. I'm sure there's still a great campaign in there though.

  • Antichamber looks like the kind of game that would give me a headache. I'm not even sure if it would be worth it, but damn does it look interesting. Someday I'll have to check it out.