Freakality's Top 10 Favorite Games of 2015 (As of 01/08/16)

DISCLAIMER: List is subject to change at any given moment based on new games I finish, or me actually finishing some of the games on the list itself, which I admittedly might have not finished yet.

[Because of GiantBomb's formatting, the numbering will go from lowest to highest, or in other words, 1 is my least favorite and 10 is my most favorite.]

List items

  • A Metroidvania sans-most of the 'vania'. A successful tribute to Metroid in every way, down to its distinctive visuals and design philosophy. A solid title that manages to capture the feel of exploration and wonder of much older titles, if just feeling a bit too derivative as a result.

  • A really fun side-scrolling action game with action movie parody characters such as John Rambro, Mr. Anderbro and The Brode, in a game that at times feels somewhat repetitive, but still manages to kick all sorts of ass.

  • By far, but mostly by default, the best fighting game released this year, with a fairly compelling story, really well designed newcomers, interesting design ideas, and a very much refined version of the previous game's fighting mechanics.

  • A really well designed game that benefits from the competitive scene it has created. Player agency and movement is nearly 1:1. creating a way of expression through movement not seen often in similar games. Sadly, it suffers from being a somewhat barebones experience.

  • A beautiful game in every aspect, be it visual or narrative, that presents very interesting mechanics in terms of game design and movement that make this little Metroidvania title stand out in the sea of recent revivals.

  • The swan song of Kojima-san is a masterful merging of sandbox and stealth elements that achieves its goal of making every encounter different and challenging. While its story lacks focus and some polish, there is some unappreciated method to its madness that for the most part does manage to bridge the final gap left in the series. #FucKonami

  • This experimental narrative title by Sam Barlow manages to hit every single one of the notes it aims for, almost miraculously, thanks to many brilliant decisions that even if some experiences might not flow a smoothly as others, it would hardly destroy the narrative in a significant matter. A game about questions, where none are asked.

  • A short and sweet experience that is very hard to describe. In many ways it is an interactive letter that manages to touch the psychological and moral struggles of the gaming world. The Beginner's Guide presents unanswerable questions in their most emotional and heartfelt forms.

  • A game which goal is to shatter all of your expectations. A rule breaker in every single way imaginable, offering freedom in ways that virtually no other game has ever offered before, and also a perfect example on how to marry gameplay and narrative in a way that some games only dream about. A huge amount of likable characters, if only because it comprises the entire cast of the game. If this list only represented games by quality, this would easily top the list, but it's my list, and it's about my favorite games, so...

  • A deeply personal experience by design. A game that presents abstraction and pauses to center on the main focus of the experience: the now. There is little else that can be said about the experience that it can't only say for itself. A slice of humanity in video game form. It is by far, my favorite game of the year, and admittedly, of all time, in my case.