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The 1080 has really come down in price with the release of the 1080TI, one can be had for $500 now. I'd say consider choosing that over the 1070, its only a ~$70 premium. Other than that your build looks really good, I've built a similar machine last year with the 6700k and couldn't be happier with it. Your PSU is probably overkill tho, 600W is more than enough, you could propably even get a 500W tho that'd be a bit risky for me.

As for case, just pick one that you think looks nice. You don't seem to have picked a crazy number of drives or a bluray drive, so most Mid Towers will probably fit your components easily with room to spare. Personally, I got this one, but it all came down to looks and number of drive bays, and that one just won out.

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Dan made it to the top 10! Now it's up to the judges, nice votin' everybody!

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When I was a kid I would hang out at a friend's place every weekend and his dad was way into games. I was like 12 at the time and him staying up till 1AM and playing Half-Life 1 was the rawest shit I've ever seen. First time I've ever been exposed to games outside of Train Simulator, the only game my dad played.

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Guy's a meme for a week and all of a sudden thinks he can do better?!

Gonna miss you Drew.

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€7 for 300 units split between messages (SMS) and calls, and 2GB of bandwidth at LTE speeds, after that it's unlimited but slowed to GPRS speeds. I could've opted for 1 or 2 more GB of LTE bandwidth for an added 2 or 4€, but I don't need it. No phone included, I like to buy my phones myself.

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Having played through the game and all DLC twice and spent over 200 hours, I personally recommend the HD Reworked Mod, which is basically a high quality texture pack, Fast Travel from Anywhere (having to find a sign post can be annoying, but be careful with that one, don't use it during quests etc and its not very immersive if you're into that), No More Weapon Degradation, Friendly HUD (this one hides HUD elements, you can tell it to show them only if you're in combat or not at all, the game is beautiful and you get to see so much more of it without the constant HUD on the screen. It can also give you in world waypoints so you don't have to stare at the minimap while on a quest), More Slots (propably don't use that on a first playthrough, it can make you overpowered so quickly), No Fall Damage, Jump in Shallow Water, More Money for Traders (by default they're all really poor and you have to go find another to dump all your trash) and Galloping in Cities.

Witcher mods are pretty easy to apply most of the time, just copy them into your mods folder. Some, like the HUD mod, need more advanced setup but it'll have a readme to tell you that. After applying your desired mods, you'll most likely have to merge your scripts with this tool since otherwise multiple mods can't modify the same behaviour script.

Other than that I'd recommend you play on Blood and Broken Bones, it might seem hard at first, but you get strong real fast. Don't skip on the Witcher item sets, they all have a little treasure hunt associated with them and are often worth getting since they can be pretty strong, especially the DLC ones, as they have set bonuses attached to them. Also, most of the side quests in this game are actually really good and worth doing. Other than that, take your time and enjoy the world, it is a really great game.

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Just out of curiosity, where does that figure come from? I've wondered about their subscriber numbers before, but haven't actually looked into it.

@gundogan said:

200k+ subscribers

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-all gone-