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Well worth playing, but doesn't live up to the hype 30

Story: You play Sev - a special forces grunt who's at the frontlines of an operation to take down the dictator for the Helgast planet, who's violent and extreme ways have made him an unacceptable risk to the univers.. To put it short the Helgast is pretty much a mix of evil commies and Nazis with British accent and low IQ's.. and the game's story follow you trough the war and the fall of the dictator.. Gameplay: Killzone 2 is a fairly liniar first person shooter - you aim, you shoot, you reloa...

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I don't want to set the world on fire.... 3

[B]Story:[/B] Fallout 3 takes place roughly 200 years in an alternative future hat broke off form ours around 1960..The short story is that there was a huge global war between China and the US resulting in everything and everybody getting nuked.. You are born ( part of the game even :) ) in an underground vault and one day you find your father missing, turns out he had a spat with the Vault leader and he have left the vault and you find yourself hunted so you have no choice than to leave it too....

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Welcome to the jungle... 0

A good game that sadly doesn't live up to all it could have been!Story: Far Cry 2 puts you in the role of a mercenary in an unnamed African nation in a post civil war state.. Your overall goal is to kill an arms dealer named the Jackal, however to find him you need to work with the various factions, the underground and the mates you meet around the nationWhile it's name indicate a sequal it has nothing to do with the first Far Cry at all, not even the gameplay is simularGameplay: Far Cry 2 is a ...

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Good story, great graphics and a frustrating game.. 0

Story: You play the witty Nathan Drake on his hunt to find El Dorado and his ancester Sir Francis Drake.. The story is a mix between Romancing the Stone and Congo and offers very little new - but it's presented in a way that makes you want to know more.. To put it short - you got Drake, his buddy and a young female reporter and you got the evil villian with an accent, his right hand and a ton of dumb cannon fodder to blast - add a curse and some monster zombie thingies and you're good to go :) ...

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Days of our lifes..... in space! 1

Story: You play as Commander Shepherd who along his ( or her ) crew is tasked with stopping a rouge special agent from opening portals for a non biological race who's goal is to rid the universe of life. This will take you to some spectacular locations troughout the univers and leave you with some tough decisions to be madeGameplay: Anyone familiar with Biowares 'Knights of the Old Republic' will be familiar with the basic system of Mass Effect. It's a sci-fi RPG set in a future where humanity h...

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Otacon, have you seen my cellphone? 0

Story: You basicly play Old Snake on his final mission taking him around the world in his quest to stop his Twin from basicly talking over the world.The game is presented in a very cinematic style with tons of cutscenes sometimes lasting way over 40min.. it's without a doubt the most artistic game ever released and would have made a great movie tooGameplay: The gameplay is not that special, you basicly start out at point A and have to get to point B in most cases - how you get there is up to you...

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We're all looking for that special someone.. 0

Story: You play the Eastern European Nico Bellic who immigrates to America to live the good life with his successful cousin and settle an old score..Nico quickly discovers that his cousin have been lying about his success and end up having fight for his and his cousins life against various criminal groupsGameplay: I doubt there's any around unfamliar with the GTA series gameplay, but just incase, it's an openworld game that let's you do pretty much anything you want, drive walk take the subway o...

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