Brock Lesnar is UNBEATABLE


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To put it simply, Brock Lesnar is just too big and too strong for anybody who fights in the world of MMA right now to beat him. His wrestling background gives a huge advantage over anybody in the UFC who can challenge him. It seems that all he has to do against anyone is take them down, which he can do easily to anyone, and smother them with punches from the top until the ref stops the fight. This is what he did to Frank Mir and this is what he will do to anyone who challenges him for the belt. 

What about Shane Carwin?

 Nothing against Shane Carwin, he's a very talented fighter with knockout power in both fists, but he has no idea what he's getting into with Brock Lesnar. The fact of the
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matter is, Brock Lesnar is TOO BIG for Carwin who walks around at about 260 lbs. Lesnar CUTS WEIGHT to make the 265 heavyweight class from 270-280 lbs. By the time Lesnar steps into the octagon he weighs about 275-285 lbs which is too much for Carwin too handle. Lesnar will be able to take down Carwin and smother him just like he did against Mir.

But what if Carwin makes 300 for the fight like he said he's going to try to do?

There are two things wrong with this:
  1. He, like Lesnar, needs to make the weight of 265 lbs the day before the fight (weigh-ins). To make this cut and then gain 35 lbs in ONE day is near impossible. Lesnar works hard to gain an extra 15 lbs by fight night which is hard for even an athlete like him to do. The fact is, Lesnar is going to be the bigger man come the day of the fight.
  2. Even if Carwin miraculously made 300 lbs by fight night, he would be literally by too big for his frame. He was not built to 300 lbs and he wouldn't be able to pull off the same moves he does at his normal weight.  

Okay. But there is no way he can beat Fedor, right?

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This matchup is a little more complicated. If these two were to fight tomorrow, I believe that Fedor would probably be able to pull off a victory over Brock. However, since Fedor will be fighting a bunch of creampuffs in Strikeforce for at least the next year and half I think that if these two were to fight after Fedor's contractual time with Strikeforce Brock would be able to beat Fedor.
Here's why:
  • By the time these two could realistically fight Brock will have had several fights against top caliber fights in the UFC, therefore getting him more experience
  • Fedor, on the other hand, will have been fighting nobodies in Strikeforce, therefore making him softer
  • Meaning that the longer Fedor puts off fighting Brock, which almost an inevitability, the better chance Brock has of beating "The Last Emperor" 

So is there really no one who can beat Brock?

Unless you put a fucking gorilla in the ring with Brock, there isn't a fighter in the UFC who can beat him. Brock is too big, he's too strong, he trains too hard, and he wants this too much. Brock Lesnar is UNBEATABLE.
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