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Characters I Can't Stand

A small, and rare, few.

List items

  • I honestly couldn't stand her through both MGS and MGS 4. I'm not sure what it is but something about her just irks me.


  • I'll admit it, I'd probably like her more if I played 'Restless Dreams'...but I haven't yet. And until then she's staying on this list for being a bipolar whore.

  • Uuuugh, this little creep just sets me off. He's a smug jerk, he's extremely difficult to fight with and that giggle makes me want to stab myself in the ear with a stylus.

    I did get great joy in equipping him with woman's clothes though.

  • "I'M BASCH FON RONSENURG FROM DALMASCA! " No, no you're not.