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Kickass Game Women

The women you'd love to have kick your ass and will if given the chance.
-May contain spoilers.-

List items

  • Mother of Revolver Ocelot, mentor to Big Boss, developer of CQC and legendary soldier who sacrificed to the very end for her country. One of my favorite female characters in any genre.

  • British, very little clothing, thighs that could snap a lunch tray in half, badass to the max: what's not to love?

  • One of the many well crafted women of Valkyria Chronicals. A former bar singer, Rosie was initially very racist against the Darcsens. However, after witnessing slavery and genocide during the war as well as the death of Isara, she vows to change her ways.

  • Though not as badass as some other women on this list, Isara holds a special place for me. She was sweet, warm and loving despite living in a word where prejudice against her people was the norm.

    And she knew how to fix a damn TANK.

  • She's motherly, kind, bakes a mean loaf of bread and can handle a gun. Now THAT'S badass.

  • She survived two zombie outbreaks within a day of each other, witnessing the deaths of her comrades and a third zombie outbreak days after escaping the Spencer Mansion. Not bad for someone who's not even old enough to drink.

  • While she looks buffer than her husband, Meryl is proof that female soilders in games can be strong and gorgeous.

  • The first female character I really connected with at age 7. Any women who can get a mercenary to corssdress will always have my heart.

  • SHOCK OF SHOCKS. A FANGIRL WHO LIKES BOTH TIFA AND AERITH? Yup, while Aerith is good with subtle manipulation, Tifa can go all out and punch you in the nads.

  • Whip it good. She honestly scares me to an extent, ouch.

  • From game one, Jill has been in my top favorite for Resident Evil characters. Mmmm Jill Sandwich...

    But when the hell did she go blonde in RE5?

  • She continues to hand criminals their own asses from beyond the grave.

  • She gets points for being able to do all those stunts in a skirt.


  • Once again: thighs that could snap a lunch tray.

  • The first female protagonist in the Silent Hill series, she actually survived two games. More than what can be said for poor Harry, tsk, tsk.

  • Strong-willed, albeit a bit socially awkward, Naoto is an excellent asset to the Investigation Team and as a main character in Persona 4.

    She also looks quite cute when she's actually being a girl.

  • I'm still wondering how she survived RE4 in those shoes.

  • Seriously, how do these girls fight like that?

  • With or without the armour, she can fight off aliens or whoop Solid Snkae's ass.

  • Younger sister to the always badass Chris. I think badassery must run in the family.

  • Always a favorite villian of mine, her spot in Arkham Asylum made the whole game for me.

  • One of Dante's two female associates, Lady is able to hold her own against him in both strength and wit.

  • The other woman in Dante's life, she and Lady could easily team up and kick his albino ass anyday.

  • Eva/Big Momma, Naked Snake's love interest in Snake Eater and the mother of Solid and Liquid.