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So i guess its my birthday tomorrow... I really wanna go glow in the dark paintballing at night...itd be super sweet. 
Phones fixed!


Nuther shortty

Wow, first time ive been able to sit down in front of this compy in a long while. Pre-ordered the Legendary Edition for Halo: Reach. Multiplayer look SICK! Never thought id be excited for another Halo game as ODST did nothing for me, but now may bring me into the beta. 
Well anyways time to quest cuz its awesome!


Blog posts hey

Ya i havent done this in forever. But since im feeling lazy and im just doing this for the quest, ill just tell you what im playing. 
Godfather II cuz its great. 
Modern Warfare 2 cuz the Stimulus Pack came out and i havent played much of it. 
Professor Layton and the Curious Villiage cuz its amazing


Very well done!

I was just surfing the web this morning, and happened to stumble along a very talented company (or two people, cant really tell cuz I don't know too much about them) But they did a Live remake of Half Life: Escape From City 17. I thought it was gunna be like a home-made larping video, but it was very well done, with CG and the SFX they did with animation. Kudos to them! I checked out their website, and they did another minute vid about coke, and one for iPod's. I dont think they were commercials in Canada, but they should've been!

Check it out, it will not disappoint!