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Playing Fatal Frame live!

Not sure if anyone is 'round these parts anymore, but if you are you should stop by my Twitch page today a little after 2:30pm PST and watch me cry while I play Fatal Frame. It's one of those games I've tried to play, multiple times, but I found it too scary and quit. Twitch is where I'm spending most of my time now so it'd be cool to see you there!

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Top 11 for 2010

There were so many good games I had to push it to 11. I break the rules. 
11. NBA 2K11    

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  Yeah that's right, a sports game. As a basketball geek I've been getting into a few related video games. With all the buzz about 2K11, and friggin' Michael Jordan, I had to get this right away. Despite a few bugs and oddities this is the best basketball game out right now. Balla. 
10. Final Fantasy XIII  

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Even though a lot of people disliked XIII, I couldn't help but fall in love. Lightning is a great protagonist wrapped in a strong, emotional story. Clocking in over 50+ hours in the Japanese import copy and 80+ in the English version, I just can't get enough of this world or the characters. 
9. Bayonetta  

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What more can you say about a game where a sexy lady gets naked and kills shit in crazy ways with her hair? This game's nuts! 
8. StarCraft 2 

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I spent an insane amount of time playing the original StarCraft online with friends. I can't say the same about the full-featured sequel, but man, this is the only RTS worth playing as far as I'm concerned.  
7. God of War 3  

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God of War has always been great, but 3 really blew my expectations out of the water. My favorite part about God of War 1&2 were the huge battle sequences, so it's as if God of War 3 was made just for me. I'll never forget killing those giant dudes! 
6. Pac-Man CE DX  

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Leave it to the guy with the Pac-Man tattoo to put a Pac-Man game on this list. But how great is it that Pac-Man games are still coming out?! And they're absolutely great! Ghost trains forever baby! 
5. Heavy Rain  

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I'm a sucker for well developed stories in games. Although a couple key plot points were missing, the story kept me glued in until the end. Heavy Rain was beat in one sitting and is a game I'll remember for a long time. JASON! 
4. Red Dead Redemption  

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I don't typically like anything Western, but liking RDR was easy. Spending countless hours with the campaign and then going online to cause massive amounts of havoc with friends made this game one of my favorites of 2010.  
3. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood  

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Admittedly, I wasn't totally looking forward to this game since it was marketed as a multi-player focused  thing. Playing it at PAX I realized that what they had with the multi-player was special and unique. On top of that, the single-player has just as much as a regular Assassin's Creed game would.   Nulla è reale, tutto è lecito. 
2. Limbo  

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I never thought a game without text or speech could tell so much. Beautiful, dark visuals and smart puzzles accompanied by good  platforming made me love this game to death. When I got it, I couldn't stop. Limbo was completed in one sitting. 
1. Mass Effect 2  

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Mistakes might have been made

Mistakes might have been made. Perhaps not, depending on how you view this. The first non-mistake was purchasing Parasite Eve off of Amazon. I may have picked the Horse and Buggy shipping option because it is said to take three weeks to get here.. FROM WISCONSIN. The first minor mistake may have been the purchase of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. I don't know much about this game but it looks kind of neat. Now, for the main attraction, the main mistake, may have been the purchase of Record of Agarest - The Really Naughty Limited Edition. Ok, 1) I can't believe it's actually called 'The Really Naughty Limited Edition', and 2) All that stuff for $60?! I didn't have the strength to pass it up. Also, the game looks neat. Here's everything that's included. I.. I kind of can't wait.

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Just for the record, yes that's a 3D mouse pad and a pillowcase. I know, right?! If you think this is ridiculous, you might want to check out the trailer for the LE.



I just played a match of Tekken 6 against this guy:

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I beat him the first two rounds, but I wanted the moment to last as long as possible so I took it easy and let him beat me the next two rounds. The final round got a little hairy and he ended up beating me, 3-2. 
For those five minutes it was just me and him. Bliss.
(If  you don't know, that's Jerry Holkins (Tycho) from Penny Arcade)


It's early Thursday morning and my coffee is brewing, stomach is growling, FEAR 2 DLC is downloading, Mr. Moose the Cat won't stop meowing, and my friends are flying out this way. It won't be too much longer before I leave to pick up sir James Logan from the Portland airport, then we head to Voodoo Donuts! After that we're going for a 3 1/2 hour drive to Seattle to meet up with Talor Berthelson, Chuck Waltz, and Arthur Green in some dark, cold, shady hotel room.
We managed to score media badges this year for the show, so we'll be able to hit the floor early to, well, to be completely honest, just play Diablo III and Starcraft 2. We have a ton of other stuff going on during the show, so the only real time we'll have to play these games is during these early hours, before the rush of wild nerds swarm the floor. 
But there it is, I'm going to PAX again, but this time with a totally awesome crew. I can't wait to get this day started on the road. You should very much expect tons of goofy, yet not necessary videos from the road and hotel room. We'll be sure to capture everything.

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