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Doctor! 0

The Trauma Center series has been all about drama on the operating table.Trauma Team slices its way into the series with a more real-world approach thanTrauma Center, while also adding new characters, new modes, and cooperative play.If you’re unfamiliar with the Trauma Center series, you’re placed in the role of a doctor with special skills. In Trauma Team you’ll assume the roles of six different doctors, each specializing in a different field. Having different roles to play is a welcome additio...

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A very unique 2D point-and-click adventure game with robots. 0

 Machinarium is a point-and-click puzzle game made by indie developer Amanita Design. The game features a charming story that’s told in an unconventional style. On top of the great character interactions, the visual style is dirty and gritty, but still manages to look beautiful. The main character, Josef, is a little robot that’s been tossed in a junk yard. Getting out of the junkyard, you’ll later find out that a gang of bad robots is up to no good, and it’s up to you to spoil their plans and r...

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Fighting demons has never been so fun.. or hard. 0

Demon’s Souls is an action RPG like no other. This game will challenge you on every front, but if you stick with it this will be one of the most satisfying games you play this year.Before you actually begin Demon’s Souls you’ll need to create a character. Once you’ve customized your character it’s time to choose the class. The classes include such choices as a thief, barbarian, knight, ranger, priest, magician, etc, making for a total of 10 classes. I found that choosing a class effects only th...

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No story here - just killing 3

 The rumored second DLC add-on for Mass Effect was released Tuesday morning for the public. Available at only 400 Microsoft Points, players can compete in an arena-style simulator and rise up on the scoreboard. To get straight to the point, there really isn’t a story here. Shepard arrives at Pinnacle Station only to be challenged by Vidinos, the cocky leader of the scoreboard. Vidinos challenges Shepard to beat his scores and in return he’ll give up one of his weapons. There are four simulations...

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Beautiful and complicated fighting 0

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is one of those fighting games where you’ll either get it or you won’t. This 2D anime-style game will have you asking a lot of questions, a lot of which you won’t get the answer to. Of course you can find the answers you’re looking for, but unless you get really skilled and dig deep, you’ll leave this game thinking it’s one of the craziest things you’ve ever seen. There’s a cast of twelve characters that look like stock anime drawings — spikey-haired guy with a big swo...

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All the nerdiness you need on the go. 3

EA and Bioware have brought you all the space nerdiness you need on the go with Mass Effect Galaxy for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This top-down style shooter will take place on different planets and will have you fighting against the Batarians when they threaten thousands of lives with a biological weapon. You’ll take the role of Jacob Talor, a biotic soldier for the Earth Alliance Navy that survived the Geth attack on Eden Prime. Fighting the Batarians to stop them from the using a biological w...

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Fun stealth action that's held back by uneven difficulty. 0

It’s hard to get stealth games right. With games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell doing it so differently, it’s hard to say which game does it the best. Velvet Assassin doesn’t try to re-invent the stealth genre, but it does go back to the old school ways that make it rather challenging, intense, and satisfying. Velvet Assassin follows the story of Violette Summers who is based off of the real-life assassin – Violette Szabo. At the beginning of the game you’ll learn that Violette is uncon...

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Metal Gear Solid Touch is a bad Metal Gear Solid game. 0

Metal Gear Solid Touch is an interesting take on Metal Gear Solid 4. MGS4 has remarkable storytelling that is one of the best we’ve seen in years. Take that story, sum it up, and then have shooting gallery-like gameplay with touch-screen controls and you’ll have Metal Gear Solid Touch. MGS Touch is set up in a way where you’ll read a bit of text and then jump in to a mission. The missions consist of Old Snake hiding behind a piece of cover and then occasionally popping up to shoot enemies. You’l...

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A Final Fantasy themed tower defense game which offers no reward 0

Crystal Defenders has been released on a number of consoles now, iPhone, PC, DS, Wii, and now it comes to the Xbox Live Arcade. This release by Square Enix has the gameplay style of a tower defense game but with a Final Fantasy theme slapped onto it. The game comes with three modes, an interesting amount of units to deploy, and a level of challenge that is oddly addicting. If you’re unfamiliar with tower defense games, you strategically deploy units on a map to take out waves of enemies while co...

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Fallout 3: The Pitt Review 0

The Pitt has finally arrived, taking you through the journey of a slave in the nuclear remains of Pittsburgh. Along the way you’ll encounter new characters, enemies, and acquire new weapons and armor. To start off you’ll need to listen to the new distress signal that can be heard across the Wasteland, starting your journey to The Pitt. You’ll meet up with an escaped slave, Wernher, who tells you how to gain access to the Pittsburgh ruins. Once there you’ll almost immediately have to make some ch...

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Schizoid Review 0

Schizoid is a unique game from Torpex Games that’s guaranteed to make your brain scream. On paper, Schizoid is a mix of Ikaruga and Geometry Wars. While this isn’t a real twin-stick shooter, you will have to play it like one. The concept is simple. You have two ships — one orange and one blue — and can only destroy the same color enemies. You’ll have to take out every enemy in the level to continue. It can be pretty fun, provided that you’re playing with a friend. You have two options on how you...

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Soul Calibur IV Review 0

The best weapon-based fighting has returned with a new entry into the series, Soulcalibur IV. While not much has changed with Soulcalibur IV, that’s not a bad thing at all, and will please series fans. The visuals have been vastly improved, the fighting remains much the same, and the modes you’d expect from a Soulcalibur game return to make this a great package that’s very easy to recommend. Soulcalibur IV has been made accessible for anyone to pick up and play, while maintaining enough depth fo...

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PixelJunk Eden Review 0

PixelJunk Eden is the third game in the PixelJunk universe, with every edition being completely different than the others. Eden, the newest entry, is all about collecting seeds in a psychedelic garden to grow plants to find new ‘Spectra’. The look and concept of the game might not sound so great, but it needs to be played to be completely understood. As said before, the whole point is to find Spectra. These Spectra are located around 10 massive gardens, five in each one. Once a Spectra is collec...

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Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Review 0

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People is made by Telltale Games - who master in episodic content. Alongside the popular Sam & Max episodes comes a new line of content, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People. Telltale plans to release five episodic games of Strong Bad, with Homestar Ruiner being the first. Homestar Ruiner takes place in the Strong Bad world - as you would see it in the online episodes. The game will take you to Marzipan’s house, to Bubs’ Stand, and even the King ...

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Fable II Pub Games 0

If you want to get your first small taste of Fable II, then Fable II Pub Games will give you just that. While gambling your gold away playing three games, you’ll be able earn extra gold and items that you can use in Fable II. The games can be fun and quick to play, but since there are only three games to choose from you might not be playing this for too long. The Pub Games are all about pushing your luck to win money for your character in Fable II. The first game you can play is called Fortune’s...

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Too Human Review 0

Too Human has been shrouded with bad press. With gaming forums talking both the game and Denis Dyack down, it could of been easy to put this game off to the side. I went into the game with a lot of negativity, but it quickly flew out the window. Too Human, at its core, is a very fun game. With an interesting story, addicting gameplay, and so much loot to wrap your head around, Too Human is absolutely worth giving a shot. The game’s story is based around Norse mythology but is set in the far flun...

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Tales of Vesperia Review 0

As more and more RPG’s come along for the Xbox360, they keep getting better. Tales of Vesperia is no exception. This latest Tales game offers a very long story, great looking graphics, good narrative, and enough content to last about 60 hours. As the case with all Tales games, Vesperia has a long story that involves the world being in danger. The main role is accompanied by Yuri Lowell, an ex-Imperial Knight who lives by doing only what he wants. When the blastia core (magical devices) of the lo...

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review 1

The Guitar Hero series has taken twists and turns lately. The latest, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, is the first in the series to be based on one band. The game shows how Aerosmith took their rise to fame, taking the player through their first days all the way to the Hall of Fame. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith doesn’t do anything new with the gameplay or visuals but it still is fun to play, provided you like Aerosmith. The back of the box says the game has over 40 tracks, and it means just that. Toping at 41...

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