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Well Guess What? !"#€%!#"!%"... All This Nagging... (ER Related)

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Seriously people, please! The only thing endurance run freaks were nagging about before the announcement was that they wanted a new one. I sure wanted a new endurance run too, it's a fantastic idea but to be completely honest--I'm not watching it for the game but for Ryan and Patrick. I didn't watch the Persona 4 endurance run because I wanted to see the game. And I surely didn't watch the Deadly Premonition endurance run for that? I watched those two runs, and will watch this new one, because I want to see and hear Ryan and Patrick play that game. Giant Bomb is about character and when the guys are doing stuff they enjoy, then their character is shining. So why are you nagging about them having an endurance run now? Seriously! If you are doing it because of the game then I think that you're here for the wrong reason. It's just like criticising a quick look because they choose a bad game in some ways.Or am I the only one here who watch the endurance run to be entertained by Ryan and Patrick and not the game? It's almost like I want to change my name to Bruitcocoa, or Barl (in real life). Nothing stops Brono!