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I'm a cheap bastard and like to sell my pristine phone for maximum cash when I'm done with it. Thin cases don't impact my appreciation of the phone at all and provide a much better grip than going nekkid so... I use a case.

My current favorite is the Spigen Neo Hybrid.

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Might buy it if it's deeply discounted at some point. I'm sure the technical issues will get fixed eventually and the animation doesn't bother me much. What they can't fix is the aggressively mediocre writing and time wasting open world quest design.

Unfortunately, I don't think Bioware is making the kinds of RPGs I like to play anymore.

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@lawgamer said:

I'm not certain the strike had a huge amount to do with it if only because I wouldn't say it's the actual quality of the voices I've heard that's the problem. It's to me more that the flow of the conversations is stilted and awkward. It sounds more like none of the actors were in a booth reading their lines together as a scene. Instead it's more like they were handed a script individually and told to read the lines on the page out of context, with everything being stitched together afterward.

If that's true, then maybe the strike screwed with scheduling and they couldn't get everyone in a room together at the same time, but it sure seems like you would want characters speaking together in a game to have their actors reading their lines together as well.

I'm pretty sure it's very rare in voice over work (animated movies, shows, video games, whatever) for actors to be in the same room. Recording dialog individually is the norm. The editors are usually good enough to stitch everything together so that you don't notice.

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Last I heard the embargo was up at 6:00am PT/13:00 GMT. Guess they changed it?

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@mrwakka said:

PC gamer called it the best RPG combat ever, and the best storytelling in gaming. It was a trash fire at best made all the more disappointing for the few glimmers of promise that showed through the seams. But, y'know, apparently the pinnacle of storytelling and rpg combat back in 2011.

PC Gamer's 94 was an outlier, and if you read comments on their site people never let them forget it. Usually while accusing them of taking payola. "It's about ethics in video game journalism!" etc. etc.

My problem with DA2 was dumbed-down combat mechanics, not the story. But that's the direction Bioware has chosen to go and most people seem to like it so... you can't argue with sales, I guess.

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It'll be fine. For a Bioware game to average below 80, I think it would have to actually brick consoles.

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@saispag said:

Also the buttons are all wrong.

I know Nintendo started the whole A/B/X/Y thing and they want to keep it that way, but the Xbox 360/One controllers have been so prolific across console and PC gaming that it just makes everything so wrong and hard every time I try and play anything on the Wii U one.

This. There's something deeply wrong about the select/continue button being on the right.

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Nah. Leaving aside the question of whether a crafted and coherent story is better than "choose your own adventure", I've never found in-depth facial construction systems at all necessary for immersion. Once you've done a nightmare gimmick creature for grins, you've done it. These days I just select the default character model and get on with the game.

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@satiros said:

The masses only water everything down and mess things up. ME:A looks to go back to a more RPG style with this DA:I template, and I'm glad for it.

I haven't seen anything in Andromeda that makes me think they're turning the series back toward RPG design. Looks like they pretty aggressively doubled down on action shooter. And, really, as an RPG fan the DA:I template is the last thing I'm looking for. MMO fetch & collect quests are not what I want from a game.

@deanoxd said:

And to contrast my point, long after the release i finally played witcher 3 and played 20-30 hours and i found the game boring and unfocused and never finished it, now i don't think its bad game and i would never tell someone not to buy it but i regret buying it. Yet the internet say's its the one of the greatest games made. Am i wrong?

In my opinion, yes. You're very wrong. But that's how opinions work.