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what do you do with problems? you blow it up! 0

 Mercenaries experience portraits the same situations and problems that other games face when coming out with a squeal to the original series of the game. With its inspired to cause destruction to anything in the world and the high selection of the weapons this game brings alot of hype to its name. But with all the destruction and weapons enough to carry this game to the best hit side lines or will it face what other original series squeal games did in past history. The answer is simple it can b...

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does dreams really come true? 0

 If there was a neighborhood with only playstation and xbox360 living side by side you would more often see the playstation gamers looked over the wooden fences or peeking into the holes to see what the 360 is doing. Some of them even hope the fences and go along their side, what makes the matter worst is that sometimes you catch the 360 gamers held a stick over the fences and at the end there's a little string attracts to 360 controller. But this time its our turn to this with a little enjoymen...

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stealth game? nonsense ! 0

Maybe it was all the hype around this game that made my expectation high for assassin creed or maybe it was something else? i really don't know because it was a long time ago and the hype high was long but over since the game was release in store. One thing i can say about Assassin creed is that it looks beautiful from the city to the country side you can see all the details that the developers put in the game once you stand there and take the moment to look at the environment. I can see why oth...

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lets play with explosion ! 0

Destruction is so deadly but can also be satisfying at times when your frustrated in life, Red faction is the type of game that made me wish the first battlefield bad company was with everything being destroying even the walls. It also kind of reminded me of mercenaries at times drive around hostile area, reload up on new gears and weapons and the group that your friends with is like your safe house area.  Red Faction follows the same path of a open world game with situation that you can approac...

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destroying never felt so good 0

Battlefield bad company is one of those games that caught me off gaurd, see my mind set was that it would be a tipically same game but with different kind of tech that is added. What i didnt expect that the game would break the formual of its traditional games with just the mulitplayer mode but it also brings a colorful single mode story along with it. When the story first started to unfolded itself in the game my first throught that its kind of like the movie three kings but without the politic...

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