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Gonna echo some of the sentiments of being so tired of watered down mmo shlooters that I'm all in on a new Borderlands. Give me guns with legs and shit all day compared to the monotonous grind of Destiny.

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And apparently Chris Avellone also worked on this as well. Excuse me while I scream to the heavens and praise the lord.

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I'm gonna sort by completed and on-going since I know it's hard to keep up with manga that are weekly/monthly and constantly wait for updates. This is only a small portion of my manga list so if you want more recs let me know.


-Slam Dunk: One of the most popular series ever in Japan and way more than just a typical basketball manga. Gorgeous art by Takehiko Inoue also helps greatly.

-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 1-7(if you want to watch the anime go right ahead but if you want to get through it faster/get ahead of the anime since it's only on part 5 it's still worth it)

Kare Kano: One of the best shoujo manga I've read period, and an all time classic.

Any Naoki Urasawa work is basically free real estate.

Parasyte: If you want a b-movie plot of an alien parasitic creatures invading earth done masterfully check this out.

Now for on-going stuff:

Beastars: What if Zootopia was done differently and animals living in a society wasn't as disney as it seemed? One of the best manga to come out in recent memory and the characters while being animal feel more human than some characters in other works.

Dungeon Meshi: Ever wondered what a griffin egg tastes like? Or how to make mimic stew? When the main party of the series is broke and can't afford food to eat while they explore a mysterious dungeon they resort to eating the very monsters that they have to go through. Hilarious and very creative with it's premise.

Golden Kamuy: A crazy series involving a search for gold, skinning humans for their tattoos, and the most ridiculous events you could imagine taking place in this post russo war era japan thriller. It's a wild ride and still has time to also dive deep into Japanese Ainu culture that is fascinating to learn about.

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I would literally be down for just a straight up remake of Bloodlines. Love that game to death. I hope whatever this is turns out to be in the same vein.

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P4 endurance run for sure.

Though for something to fall asleep to I like upfs that are only a few of the crew or even pulling up the rare solo jeff upf. One of my fav upfs was the one with just Dan, Rorie, and Jeff playing mario maker with Jason having nathan drake taunts in the background while dan dies repeatedly.

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God yes. Incredible music, art, and gameplay that is as good as you are. Also has the perfect length. Couldn't recommend it enough.

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There is 0% chance it's not a new generation. It might have old regions just because of the amount of space they have on console but after Let's Go there's no way that it's just another remake. Anything less than a new gen would be insulting.

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3 and it's not even close. The multiplayer innovations they made with the way custom games worked and multiple playlists. The campaign that ad some bumps but overall had a nice conclusive ending to "the fight". Then there's forge which is still in 2018 an incredible mode that made for limitless possibilities.

If halo 3 was the only multiplayer game I could play for the rest of my life I wouldn't be mad one bit.

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Sorry ya'll but Persona 5 has one of the greatest osts of all time and it ain't even close.

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But shoutouts to Nier: Automata, Zelda, Mario, and Cuphead.