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Work has been crazy. A bunch of people quit and we have new people coming in and I asked for more hours.


My friend came down from B.C. and we went to Klondike days. The drive took about and hour and a half but find the fair grounds took 2 hours. When we finally got there we went on the Drop of Doom, Gravitron, Himalaya, and we were going to go on the Zipper but it broke down before we got on it, thank got. We seen the hypnotist there too and it was interesting and sort of weird but overall pretty cool. The Lemonade there rocked too. Once we got back we had some Jello shooters and some drinks which was a lot of fun.


Warcraft. But not that much, really.


Fairy Tail is not all that amazing right now. Naruto is interesting. One Piece is amazing. Other than manga I caught up & finished Avatar: The Last Air Bender. This show is beyond expectations and I am probably going to buy it on DVD so I can re-watch it maybe take to over to a friends.

Clean Up

This whole weekend has ****** my Laptop saving after all the Damage I have...

Laptop savings: llllllllll 60.09%

Keep in mind though this is after a $224.00 pay cheque

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