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Avalanche Studios just might be onto something here. 0

If there's one thing you're going to hear from me over the course of this review, it will be just how flat out crazy Just Cause 2 is. It makes no admissions to the contrary either. Just Cause 2 just might be the most bizarre and the most entertaining gaming experience you'll have this year, if you're willing to look past a few of its shortcomings.  Just Cause 2, like the original, has you as Rico Rodriguez, a CIA agent who specializes in overthrowing Governments. His mission is the fictional Sou...

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Bigger is better, and bigger San Andreas is. 0

GTA: San Andreas is the third installment of the Grand Theft Auto series to appear during the PS2/Xbox generation. For as improved a game Vice City was compared to GTA3, San Andreas again ups the ante by simply making everything bigger. Instead of a singular city to explore, San Andreas features three major cities comprising of an entire state, giving the player more freedom to explore than ever before. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You play as Carl "CJ" Johnson, a troubled ex-con ret...

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With humor and style, No One Lives forever brings the '60's back. 0

There's something special about the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Operative: No One Lives Forever. Could it be the wide assortment of lovable, hilarious characters? Is it the story focusing on the hopeless H.A.R.M. agency as they attempt to cause evil across the world again? Could it be the stellar cross-over of gameplay between reckless shooting and careful stealth? It's everything.The way every detail meshes together is what defines this title and truly turns it into a great FPS that...

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A compelling, hysterical game from star to finish. 0

Earthbound, released in 1995 to the Super NES, is arguably one of the more inventive RPGs to date. Rather than a fantasy epic, involving Princesses and dragons, Earthbound is set in a more modernized world with skyscrapers, telephones, and ATM machines abroad. Set in the year 199x in the world of Eagleland, your character, Ness, awakens one morning to the crash of a meteorite. Upon investigation, Ness discovers that the meteorite actually contains a bug sent from the bleak near-future. Accordin...

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