This is why Minecraft is awesome.

Let's just get this out of the way:

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So yeah. I suppose the reason I've been enjoying Minecraft so much is because of my unwavering affection for things like Garry's Mod. Part of me can find more fun in games that simply present you with tools and set you loose rather than shove you down a proverbial ventilation shaft of scripted events and linear gameplay. And while I do still like more guided games like Gears or Metro, games like Minecraft and Garry's Mod appeal to me a little more in general because of their encouragement of creativity. I'm not very good at math or science; I was more of a creative student in school, so I guess that explains it.
Anyway, I won't ramble any further. I really just wanted to share my beautiful monument with you all. :D

Sweet Tooth just paid me a visit.

I'm not usually one to keep blogs, but I just had an experience so surreal, so unbelievable that I just had to share it with as many people as possible.

 This guy just paid me a visit.
 This guy just paid me a visit.

Okay, let me back up. My first PSP game was Twisted Metal: Head On. This was also my first Twisted Metal game. Great fun. June 15, 2010: Twisted Metal is announced for the PS3, and my interest in the series is reignited. As such, I decided to pick up Twisted Metal Black at my local EB. So I've been playing it for the past few days, and loving every last ounce of it. Certainly one of the finest PS2 games I've played in a while.
Today, I played through Sweet Tooth's story. The credits rolled, and I turned off my PS2 & TV. I decided to listen to some of the soundtrack on YouTube while browsing the forums, as I found myself liking what I heard in the game. About 2/3 through the main theme, I began to hear a familiar jingle... the ice cream truck jingle. As Twisted Metal fans know, Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck plays this iconic tune. The jingle I was hearing was exactly the same as Sweet Tooth's. Since I knew the particular song and had heard it several times already, I knew that it didn't contain any kind of jingle. My heart skipped a beat. This wasn't normal. I paused the video.
The jingle didn't stop.
I perplexedly glanced at all the possible sources in my room. My TV was off. My PS2 was off. The soundtrack I was listening to was paused. My speakers were off. I began to breathe more heavily. "Am I going insane? Have I just been playing too much?" I began to follow the sound around my room, trying to find the source. I was lead to my slightly open window, and then I froze. It was coming from outside. I tore the curtains open...
THERE WAS A FUCKING ICE CREAM TRUCK RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. And it was playing the iconic ice cream truck jingle that Sweet Tooth's truck shares.
I flipped the fuck out. I haven't seen a real life ice cream truck since I was a kid, and of all the times to make a reappearance, it happens right after playing Sweet Tooth's story in Twisted Metal?! This was one of the most absurd coincidences I've ever experienced. I ran down the hall and burst into my brother's room and barked "Come here right now!" He came into my room and after pointing out the window, he had a similarly flabbergasted reaction. He said "I thought you just had the volume up really loud."
So there you have it. I still can't believe this ridiculous coincidence, and I just wanted to share my tale with anyone willing to listen.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to check into rehab. o_o