1000 Points List

A list of all the Xbox 360 games (and potentailly PC games I guess) which I've achieved all 1000 points in.

List items

  • I got all 1000 point in this earlier this morning, so am adding this to the list. The achievements weren't hard or anything, but with the games technical issues and bugs, I was afriad that one bad save or crash, or something might screw me up. Nothing did obviously, but the potential was still there. The only main achievement which I had difficulty with was getting all the HVTs alive, many of them would either kill themselves, or be killed by friendly fire. In fact there was one HVT that just jumped of the rock that he is spawned on, killing himself! But in the end, there was nothing in this game I couldn't get through.

  • Beating this game on Hardcore (or whatever the hardest difficulty was, I cannot remember) was hard to say the least. There were definitely moments where I could not believe it was possible to complete the game, especailly with the spawn system they had. Pretty much if you moved toward the building/objective, the enemy would stop spawning and you could kill them, but if you just stood back and sniped, the enemies would spawn indefinitly which makes you wonder how 500 soldiers fit into a 4 room house.... but I got all the achievements so it doesn't matter....

  • A pretty normal set of achievements here, and not that 'hard' to get them all. By hard I mean none of the achievements pushes the player to the limits of thier skills too much, put to thier patients... that's another story. I swear to god, if I have to search for than many fucking flags in the next game someone at Ubisoft is gonna fucking die!

  • Again, its an arcade game and only has 200 points, but I got 200/200 for it so it counts. Good game with decent achievements. Nothing to pull your hair out over.

  • 1550/1550. I got all of these point within 2 weeks of buying it, a great game and I look forward to buying more sequals to this game.

  • This was the first game that I got 1000 points in, which oddly ment that after which, there really wasn't any reason to keep this game in my mobile collection.... since all the achievements are tied to anything worth value in the game. Currently resides in my desk drawer at home, away from university.

  • Surprisingly enough, I actually got all 1000 points in this during the same week that I got all 1000 points in Tomb Raider Legend; I had rented them and only had them for two weeks total, so I had to hussle. I did get all 2000 points from those game in those two weeks though, and I worked 5 days a week doing it too, impressive.

  • Yep as said before, I got all 1000 points in this in the same week as NFS:MW. It took some getting used to, to get through the boss fights and time trails but It was an amazingly fun game none the less.

  • After a long time of going through and playing other games I finally took the time to sit down with this one and play it to completion. Its a great game, and I thought the achievements were very fair. I'm definitly thinking of buying the expansion.: I did buy the expansion and got full pointsi n that as well.

  • I know this is the 1000 points thread, but I started thinking about it and I have all 200/200 points in this game, so technically even though its not a 1000 point game, I got all the points in this one.... and that's really what the list is about. Some of the achievements in this game were hard but I got them all eventually.

  • Yep, That's right, I am one of the Super beings which have surpassed the limits of our own bodies to get the Mile High Club Achievement, and gotten all 1000 Points in this game. Now if only I could get to the TorqueBow first and hit 2 people with a spartan laser, then I would be unstoppable ! :P

  • Getting 1000 points in this was actually harder than any other game I've played to date. Mainly due to the bugs and dying multiplayer community. There is actually a bug in both the 360 and PC version that doesn't allow you to get a certain achievement, it has been patched over and as a result you cannot get the achievement "Nothing to See Here", but with some quick thinking on my part, I was able to download the pervious patch, patch over the newest patch and the game worked long enough for me to get the achievement offline. To put it shortly... getting the achievements (all of them) in this game was an achievement in itself.

  • Getting 1000 points in this game wasnt too hard. In fact the hardest achievements would have to be the ones involving other people such as the dolls and the co-op actions. There was one achievement in the Area DLC that caused me some issues, its the one where you must get 1887 points exactly or something, to tell you the absolute fucking truth, this achievement actually unlocked for me due to a bug, .... I for the life of me cannot remember how I did it, I think I went to leave the arena but then decided to try it one more time then half way through the waves I realized I wasnt gonna get it so I quit... and the achievement popped. And Im so glad it did. Overall an easy game to get achievements in if you have a friend or are ready and willing to talk and trust total strangers.

  • A great game with fair achievements, the hardest of which was definitely getting all of the audio logs, due to the fact that at the time (I dont know if there is now) there wasnt really a comprehensive map to use to find them. But there were multiple written guides so really it was like a scavenger hunt, looking for specific things that were being described to find them. And not only did I get the points from the achievements, I felt like I got the complete story due to the logs. Great game.

  • 200/200 It took me a very long time, but I finally got by far the hardest achievement of this game, the 100 matches achievement. 100 matches doesn't sound like it would be hard to get and with a game like Modern Warfare 2 or other Battlefield games it wouldn't be but with only 3 maps plus a flight only map... the game got pretty stale fast (at least for me). Definitely worth the money however, fair achievements and challanges for people who want to play the game for awhile. In total it took 7 hours to get the full points... over 2 years :P

  • 1000/1000 Talk about a game I do not want to play again... now that I've played the 2nd one, I can tell you that the frame rate in the first one was almost unbearable. But I'm getting off topic, by far the most difficult achievements in this game we're the completed 90% of the game with "_____" ally ones. My friend never got them and gave up on them eventually and I do not blame him for it. Also yes I have 1000/1000 not 1050/1050 but I am not paying for their shitty DLC....

  • This game was ... well very difficult to get 1000 points in it. Not because it was impossible, infact you can complete the game on easy while getting the minimum points in each event... that being said the AI in this game is right on track all the time and it will be hard to beat them even on the normal difficulty.

  • Getting all the points in this game wasn't frustrating or difficult... it was more satisfying than anything else. Nothing too difficult to mention, though it did take me like a half a dozen tries to get the perfect combo "use ever combat move without breaking combo" combo... but really reloading it took almost no time and with a little bit of patience it took less than 30min to get. A great game with fair and fun achievements.