All the Consoles I've Ever Owned

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  • Ahh the old black box, some great games on this thing kept me playing for quite a bit. The most impactfull of which was Sonic. OH! and Battle toads ... that game was crazy.

  • The first console I ever owned. I'm sure its still kicking around my house somewhere, but I've moved on. I will admit, I never beat any of the Mario games.... ever..... makes me sad. Loved the console though.

  • The reason I continued to play videogames until the Nintendo 64 came out. I remember owning a dozen or so games for this system, but the most influencial of which was Mario Kart Racing. Great System.

  • Wow. Just Wow... This was the system that showed me to the infamous game GoldenEye, and its equally good sequal (practically) Perfect Dark. This system introduced me to First Person Shooters; My favorite genre. This was the first system where I began to think videogames might be somthing more than just a pastime. I spent hours on this thing; Banjo, Duke Nukem, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Road Rash.... all amazing games. Just an amazing piece of video game history I think.

  • I bought this because I wanted to try something different from what I get from my consoles; Its a great little system, best described as a hand-held Nintendo 64. The games on it do very in quality however, and as most people have found, the best games made for the system are those from Nintendo themselves (the head-liner of all is MarioKart DS). I will admit I could probably count the number of hours I've played the system on my hands and toes, but I don't travel that much and when I'm at home I usually gravitate to my PC or 360 for gaming. But when I do travel I'm glad its there. As mentioned before it does lack the same number of Great games as things like the PC or 360, but this to me is a plus because it means I spend a lot less money on it, while still getting top quality games every once and awhile.

    SideNote: I should probably mention it here rather than somewhere else; until the PSP is less than a PS2, I will never buy one. I say this because the list of games that I would like to play on the PSP are all games based on games found on the (cheaper than PSP) PS2 (and with a few more games exclusive only to the PS2 that I wouldn't mind trying). Just clearing that up.