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Free to Play Gaming Done Right 0

I pre-ordered League of Legends (LoL) before it was released and soon after was invited to participate in the beta for a game type I had never played before. I had never played DOTA (I still haven’t), and only pre-ordered the game because I saw a trailer for it and thought that the game looked cool. I was pleasantly surprised to find a game rich with personality and unlimited potential for expansion which continues to be interesting and updated with new content since its release.Gameplay: Fast, ...

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DOOM 3 is Just Awful 0

I would like to start this review by stating that I have not finished DOOM 3 (I know I got 2/3 the way through after comparing my experience with a level list of the game). I found it to be a boring and frustrating game with very little to keep me wanting to play it so I stopped wasting my time with it. If you feel you cannot trust a review written by someone who has yet to finish a game then please disregard this review. That is completely understandable, no hard feelings.Gameplay: This is prob...

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Technical drawbacks and a few design choices hurt this game. 0

Global Agenda has a few interesting concepts and good art designs within this Massively Multiplayer Online Shooter, but these aspects are not enough to make me overlook the technical drawbacks and some poor design choices of the game.Gameplay: The gameplay in Global Agenda is a mixed bag of fun PvP (Player versus player) combat which works ok, and PvE (Player versus environment) dungeons which quickly becomes boring. The problem with the PvP being ok and PvE being boring is that for the first 10...

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Surprisingly Not Awful. 0

Crimecraft / Crimecraft: BLEEDOUT is not the best massively multiplayer online role playing game ever released (or currently available to be honest), but for a free to play game that is easily accessible (as in downloadable through Steam), you could do worse.Gameplay: It is unlike most MMOs in terms of its gameplay and quest design. To compare it to something more known, Crimecraft’s quests are structured much like Call of Duty’s multiplayer matches and multiplayer challenges. The quests ask the...

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A Great Game Back in the Day, But It Has Aged 0

GTA3 was a pretty amazing game back during it release and added gas to the heated "video games are ruining children" debate that was started by games like the original Mortal Kombat. But it has not aged well and with all of the improvements to the open world genre, GTA3 is hard to play in 2011.   Gameplay: This is by far the least aspect of the game affected by age in my opinion (which is a good thing). If you have played a 3rd person shooter over the pass 10 years you should be familiar with th...

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A Great Game, but When Compared to Fallout 3, Comes Up Short. 0

Fallout New Vegas (NV) tries to be Fallout 3, but without fixing the previous issues with the engine and with less personality, unfortunately comes up short.  Game play:  The game is set up much like an MMO in many respects, just without any other people. For the most part you are a single person travelling a vast landscape, which is mostly populated with open areas, seemingly abandoned towns, a few key spectacular locations, and raiders who want to kill you. If you are new to the Fallout franch...

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One of the Best Examples of a DS Game to Date. 0

Picross 3D is one of the few games that takes advantage of the system its on in an amazing way, and keeps me wanting more.  Game Play: The game play here is simple: destroy and paint blocks. These blocks belong to an initial bigger shape, and as you destroy and paint these blocks from the bigger shape, an object within the initial shape is relieved.  The final object is not fully relieved until you have destroyed all the blocks that do not belong to the object; numbers on the rows and columns of...

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A Great Game if You Want Something Different 5

Eve online is a game based entirely in space where you can create your own persona in an online universe, piloting different space ships and making allies. Gameplay: The only thing you need to play this game is the mouse. Everything in the game including combat, mining, traveling, making trades, and constructing objects requires you to either point and click or right click and select the appropriate option. Now this sounds boring and impractical but the first time you fight multiple enemies at o...

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Great Game, Different Than Other Games 0

Ok, lets get the fact that this is not CS, HL2, or any FPS like them. This kind of FPS follows the idea that as long as you have vehicles, the size of the map doesn't matter, and people like a real life battle experience. And this is why I am somewhat dissapointed with this game. I don't play games to wait for a vehicle to spawn, or to waste stamina in less than 5 feet, or to jump in a helicopter only to be shot down a few seconds after takeoff. I play games to have fun, to be put in intense fir...

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Good game, But no Lasting Appeal 0

I decided to get Mercinaries because I love shooters and thought I would give this game a try. Ok, so you just wanna know, "IS this game any GOOD?" I'm here to tell you, it is, but it does tire a bit after awhile.Gameplay: Throughout the game you'll play as one of three mercenaries that are controlled in 3rd person, as you create havoc. The controls are well fitted to the games fast paced action, so you won't be looking for the C4 button, it's all there within reach. To compare this with another...

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Introduces New Concepts to an Old Genre 0

I decided to review Gears of War because I'd like to add my 2 cents to the mass of opinions.Gameplay: This is where the game is different from generic shooters with the same look and storyline of GoW. The game (for the most part anyway) makes you use cover in order to survive and wait for open advantages in the enemies deffences. For almost ever surface and wall in the game all you have to do is press "A", and your character will immediately (an automatically) press there back up against the cov...

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