GOTY 2015

Everyone else was making one and I wanted to be cool.

List items

  • Packed with style and smart design, every inch of Splatoon leaks a kind of Saturday-morning cool. I knew I was going to like Splatoon but did not anticipate how invested I would become. Win or lose I leave every round feeling invigorated and determined to do better. One of the best multiplayer games I've played in years and my personal GOTY 2015.

  • Small but somehow perfect with a level of atmosphere blockbuster titles try and fail to achieve year after year. One of the best, most engaging, most shocking stories I've ever had the pleasure to unravel.

  • A little bit mystical, a little bit heartbreaking. A love letter to Twin Peaks and X-files but at it's true best it is a game about young women protecting other women.

  • It's depth is in it's own simplicity, the physics of cars and balls all players need to find harmony in competition. Arguably a better version of soccer than the real thing.

  • Armed with a wonderful soundtrack and graphics that pay homage to the RPGs of the 8 & 16bit era, Undertale weaves a magical and personal journey that feels like remembering a surreal animated film you watched as a child. Tremendous character writing brings everything to life (and death).

  • A video game tuned almost to perfection, one of those great games that presents you with an environment and a set of rules for you to explore & exploit. If only I could get my sniper buddy some decent clothes...

  • Finally hitting it's 1.0 release, Kerbal Space Program is the best edutainment game since the original Oregon Crossing. Pitting your human ingenuity against the unpredictable ravages of gravity & physics, let us never forget the many many Kerbals we've loved and lost along the way.

  • Though simple this Paper Mario-esque RPG for phones & tablet brings with it all the warmth, wit, and even emotion of it's celebrated source material in a fun little package. A game that offers a positive vision of mobile & tablet gaming to come.

  • A brand new racing simulator to challenge the big names, loaded with all the vehicles and circuits you actually want to drive and all available from the go. Forza or Gran Tourismo might still have the edge in presentation & scale but Project Cars is the simulator that has all options I want.

  • A neat little package that delivers exactly what it promises. Simple with a skill ceiling high enough to test your metal to a pounding soundtrack.