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Call me crazy. I might buy (another) PSP

So I'm in a gaming slump. Microsoft wants me to shell out $100 to fix the peice of crap hardware that they sold me, and my Ipod Touch is good for quick sessions of Puzzle Quest but I want something more. I have around $200 coming my way soon, and I'm just going to red ring my Xbox myself so Microsoft will fix it, so I'm considering buying a new PSP. My last one was ruined while out playing an airsoft game on a rainy day. It was supposedly in a "water proof" bag but when I come back to the bag I find a puddle of water in the bottom along with my PSP and cell phone floating along comfortably in the bottom. That was nearly a year ago but now I'm considering buying another one, because I believe that Sony can pull the PSP situation around.
I was never one of those people that thought the PSP had no games. I always had something to play like Final Fantasy Tactics, Patapon, Puzzle Quest, Harvest Moon, or SOCOM and I kinda miss those long nights of grinding through a PSP game, because I never fell asleep doing that, but for some reason whenever I try to play a 360 game at night I end up falling asleep. But anyways, I feel Sony is bringing this around with games like Resistance Retribution, Patapon 2, and Motorstorm, and all the other recently announced 3rd party PSP games like Rock Band Unplugged. The Playstation Store is also bringing it hard with Sony adding tons of full downloadable games all the time, including my favorite PSP shooter ever, Killzone Liberation and other original PSN titles like Everyday Shooter.
Although with all the rumors of a PSP 2 being announced at E3 this year, I may just hold off on buying a PSP-3000, but I'm seriously intrested in picking up one of these babys again and you should too. DS just cant compare anymore now that the DSi is going to be costing just about the same as a PSP-3000. For a few bucks more you get gorgeous 3D graphics, decent multimedia capabilities, far better online play than a DS, and tons of other stuff if you want to run custom firmware and stuff. Its just a all around much better package and really to all those people who say there are no games, their are tons to play, especially if you havent owned a PSP before and want to dip into its back catalog a bit for some older stuff for real cheap. I still can't believe Sony is only charging $20 for the original Patapon and Patapon 2. In my opinion, Patapon is the best and most original game on the system, and a must have if your just buying a PSP.

And oh yeah. Baseball. If you love baseball as much as I do and dont own a PS3, and hate 2Ks crappy MLB games then a PSP is the way to go. I absolutely love Sonys MLB: The Show games, and portable is a great way to play them just a inning or two at a time on a bus ride

Happy gaming, don't count the PSP out yet,



Gaming Woes

Gaming is not going good for me right now. I'll first start with Far Cry 2. I bought this game way back on launch date in late october. I love the game, and have been slowly working my way through it by playing 2 hours or so of it per week between my other games. Last week I was around 65% complete when my save got corrupted. I was pissed, and contacted Ubisoft who told me I would have to restart my game over again. I decided itwas worth itto start again, and after making my way through the long opening segments of the game until I got to around 15% complete. The my save became corrupted again, and again I was horribly pissed. Like how can Ubisoft get away with not patching a widely known save bug that has been around since launch and 4 months later it is still not fixed? I plan on eventually finishing the game.....hopefully which bring me to my next problem. Last night I switched on my 360 and got a single red light, along with a E74 error. I checked to see what this problem was, when I learned that MS had my console information saying my warranty had expired which is bull because I've only had it for a little over a year, and it comes with a three year warranty. So I'm working on disputing that now, but I have to say during the first year of owning a 360 im quite dissapointed in the hardware quality. Heres a small list of what I've gone through so far.


  • 10 days after getting my 360 my hard drive became corrupted, and had to wait nearly a month to get a new one since MS didn't have spares to give out because of the holiday sales rush. (Dec. 07)
  • The system ran fine for awhile, but I lost a COD4 disc and two copies of Forza Motorsport 2 because of disc scratching by the console
  • RROD in July 08 and got a new system in late August
  • One red light and error E74 (March 09)

So yeah, not fun times over here. If my warranty gets fixed, and I send the box back in, ill probaly be sticking to my Itouch and free PC games for my gaming needs. I was hoping to get into the Battlefield Heroes beta, but I doubt thats happening, so I may try out Quake Live, and report back on that later. Other reccomendations for free PC games would be appreciated :)



Where in the World is GalvanizedNails?

So its been awhile since I wrote on this space, around two months to be exact. I haven't really been not using the site, I just really haven't had the time in between playing this holiday's awesome games and a increasingly busy social life recently. So stuff I have bought since my last blog and a few quick thoughts on each. Its like 1 in the morning, but I figured I better updated this dusty old blog while I have the chance.

  • Castle Crashers- This game just blew my mind. I used to love the brawler genre so much, and the combination of great art, traditional brawler gameplay, and some light RPG elements make this probaly my favorite brawler of all time. Definitely worth the price.
  • Midnight Club: LA- Wow, just wow. If you can finish a four minute race through the heavy traffic of LA without wreck once then congrats! You have what it takes to succeed in Midnight Club: LA. That sounded pretty negative, but I enjoy the game quite alot. The car selection is nice and varied, cosmetic customization of the cars is very deep, even though the performance upgrading system is rather generic, and the city of LA just looks amazing, but the insane difficult that even the most dedicated drivers will have trouble winning and the fact that cars don't just handle differently enough (I should be able to tell the difference between how a Lancer Evo and a Mustang GT handle, right?) are what made me abit lukewarm towards this release. Still, its worth a look for hardcore racing fans.
  • Far Cry 2- So I bought this on release day and have maybe sunk around 12 hours into it or so, and I'm not even 30% done with the game. I really don't have much to say since I don't feel I have spent enough time with it yet, but if you like great, visceral shooters with some very cool ideas thrown in and don't mind driving for several hours to get to objectives than this game should intrest you.
  • DOOM- Yeah, I bought this when I had 400 MS points and 2 hours to kill. I played it once and haven't gone back since. Its definitely a DOOM port. Like you haven't played 50 of those already. I know I have, but this is the definitive port from the 2 hours I spent with it.
  • Gears of War 2- I went into this October/November not caring about Gears 2, but around November 5, I had my 'Oh crap! they are totally making another Gears of War game" moment and decided to go buy it on launch day. The single player is a huge improvement over the original, which I felt was very short, and occasionally downright bad. Its a much longer experience, the scripted sequences are far superior to the originals, and they used colors of than gray and brown this time! Multiplayer is a collosal improvement from Gears 1 as well. Maybe its just because I got into Gears 1 online very late, and by then everyone else was way too good for me, but this just feels more streamlined and balanced since weapons other than the shotgun and chainsaw do damage.
  • I bought COD: World at War a few days ago. I'm going to write something more in-depth about that after I've spent more time with it, but I'm having loads of fun with it so far.

Well that wa a weak blog. I just kinda wanted to put something here, and I had some spare time sooooo thats just what happened I guess. Quality writing will be here sometime soon though, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also, on the latest Bombcast, I was lucky enough to win the 120 gig Zune Gears 2 Edition, which is just plain awesome, but something I would probaly never pay for, so much appreciation goes out to the Bombstaff for running the contest than got me into Wiki editing again, plus snagging me a shiny new MP3 player (which I here works great with the NXE). Thanks Bombstaff! You guys are awesome!


Heading Back to Vegas

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is just an amazing game. It never stops amazing me how it can so quickly change from a quiet game, to one of the most intense action packed games the next second. I played a ton of Vegas 2 when it came out, and got within 3 ranks of elite (highest rank) and then stopped for awhile. Back in July, Ubisoft then added in the Gift Pack DLC which added 3 newish maps (Calypso Casino from Vegas 1 and two maps already in Vegas 2, except they are played at night now), 80 new A.C.E.S. ranks, some new ranks beyond elite, and patched several problems. The most notable of these problems was the SMG. The SMGs were my favorite weapons hands down in Vegas 1, but they were just way too weak in Vegas 2 and could get easily beat by a FAMAS at close range. SMGs are back now though, and patched. They are no longer weak, and I just plain owned with them yesterday. My favorite moment of yesterday was by far a Total Conquest game that was on Three Kingdoms Casino. I had one of those just plain awesome quick, intense bursts of action that makes Rainbow Six so awesome. An enemy sniper was pretty much camping Sattelite B (its in the very center of the map in a pretty open area). I snuck up to those skinny chinese looking shutter things, tossed a smoke grenade and slammed on the sprint button. Before the sniper could even get his thermal vision on I had rounded the corner, and killed him through the shutter things with a quick burst from my MP7. Just plain awesome. So if anyone wants to play some Vegas 2 (and you like Total Conquest) let me know, and we will go blaze some terrorists.

I played that for two or three hours today, and it was awesome, but the rest of the day just sucked. We had school pictures today, and at my school we have to wear sport coats and ties for our pictures. I had forgetten that the night before, and had gone ahead to get out a pair of normal pants, and put my wallet and other stuff in there..........including my house key. I was like ok whatever my sisters will have their house keys with them. Turns out they had doctors appointments today and no one told me. So I had to sit outside my locked house for an hour today (In burning hot florida) in a white dress shirt, and it just was not fun. Hopefully florida will cool down soon.

And since the season for girl troubles has officially started I'll leave you with a video that describes my situation (no I'm not referencing the rape and pillage part at the beginning)



Video Thing

So I was hanging out at my friends house the other day, and we were just plain straight up bored. So we got out the Jenga blocks! Anyway, I'm the one actually talking for the little video.

(yes we are dorks)

I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing longer blogs, but that takes time. School seems to be swallowing everything right now.


Internet, I hate you

So I pretty much had Force Unleashed's story spoiled for me yesterday from a forum thread's title. I really was what evs about Force Unleashed till Jeff said the story was worth a look, but now no real point to it.

Thanks internet, I still hate you


Downloading Now: Burnout Bikes

     After a week or so of no blog posts, I'm back I guess. I really never left or anything, just nothing really interesting has happened at all in the last week. School has kinda hit the point where its becoming a cold, hard slog till Christmas Break, and nothing happening interesting with me in gaming right now. I think I might go buy Pure tomorow though, after loving on the demo alot.

I'm currently downloading the Burnout Bikes, but after around 20 or 30 minutes of downloading already, its only at 20% complete, but hopefully it will be done by the time I get back from dinner. I would hate to wait for like an hour and a half just to play this. As someone who only just bought Paradise in early August, and only played it for around 10 hours, until my 360 red ringed, I'm extremely interested to try these out. I just hope that the wins on bikes count for your standard liscence since I only have my B-class.

I'll be back with impressions later hopefully.

Thanks for reading,



New Ipod Touch.....Tempting indeed

Apple recently revealed its new Ipod Touch. There is a bit of tweaking done to the unit's overall design, with a volume slider on the side, the unit is supposedly "easier to hold", and Apple is suddenly touting how many games are avaliable. I was planning on purchasing a PSP-3000 when they released in October, but I've been interested in an Ipod Touch for a long time. The price was really what was driving me away, costing $300 for 8 gigs of memory, it was just a robbery. While space is still an issue, The lower price of $229 for a 8-gig, $300 for a 16-gig, and $400 for a 32-gig. The 16 gig would be the model for me, but I still wish Apple would put some kind of micro-SD card slot in the thing to add a little extra memory like the Sansa MP3 players, but I really need an multi-media device, and a PSP is great and all, but there just aren't any convienent ways to get songs, and videos that I don't already own onto it. The Ipod Touch also has some intresting looking games, like Need for Speed Undercover and many other free games, but it comes down to one thing. Monster Hunter. I can't decide which I would love more. An awesome multimedia device or Monster Hunter :(  So will anyone else be purchasing a new Ipod touch this holiday season? Or would you rather have a dedicated portable game device?

ps: Apple's marketing heavy video tour of the new Ipod touch


Thanks for reading,



So I was playing mercs 2, and just went up to this random venezualen citizen, and he said "This is all just VZ propaganda. Why would an American video game company care about us" I found that pretty funny considering all the stupid crap the real Venezaulan leader made up out Pandemic and how the US was using this ultra-realistic game to train children to invade his country. Kinda random, but its a cool easter egg.

ps: I think it has to be one of the random pedestrians walking on the highway. Just walk up to them and you should here some voicework


Finalized Holiday games list

So here is a list of just about every potenial triple-A game coming out in the surge of great games!

Rock Band 2- Sept. 14 (game only)

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway- Sept. 23

Lego Batman- Sept. 23

Fracture- Oct. 7 (I'm already writing this one off as a 3 star or less game)

Midnight Club LA- Oct. 7 (dude its midnight club!)

Meteos Wars- Q4- XBLA

Rise of the Argonauts- Oct. 14

Saints Row 2- Oct. 14

Rock Band 2 (instrument bundle)

Dead Space- Oct. 20

Fable 2- Oct. 21

Far Cry 2- Oct. 21

Guitar Hero: World Tour- Oct. 26

Fallout 3- Oct. 28

James Bond: Quantum of Solace- Nov. 4

EndWar- Nov. 4

Gears of War 2- Nov. 7

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts- Nov. 11

MK vs. DC- Nov. 10

Call of Duty: World at War- Nov. 11

Red Alert 3- Nov. 11

a racing game called "stoked"- Nov 11 (are you stoked for stoked?)

Mirrors Edge- Nov. 11

Lips- Nov. 17

Shaun White Snowboarding-  Nov. 16 (I'm dying for a good snowboarding game so I'm hopeful about this game)

Need for Speed: Undercover- Nov. 17

Prince of Persia- Nov. 18

Left 4 Dead- Nov. 20

Too many games! So which ones will you guys be picking up?

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