Strange Modding

So anyway, I know this is going to come off as rather whiney but seriously this annoys the crap out of me. I requested a new page to be made about 3 days ago. Today a get an email telling me to please resubmit becuase i accidently mispelled a word in the title. Are the mods not able to fix that or something? I really dont want to wait another 3 days. seriously mods need to be able to edit peoples submissions for new pages if theres a mispelling.


Angry at world and GB forza cars

Ok well im not angry at the world, but i am pretty angry about not being able to access my pending sub for the last 4 days, i dont know whats going on, but i keep getting the 500 error, and something about Luchadeer at a Paramore concert. I also woke up to about 5 emails in my inbox today about some concept pages that i requested last  tuesday and wednesday, saying that they had all been rejected. So im assuming that stuff still isnt being modded in the order that it comes in, which annoys me a bit too. I really hope that the guys upstairs are working on a fix that automatically rejects new pages and sends you a message, if someone beats you to the page while its pending. But anyway, i really need to know whats in my que becuase i kinda forgot :/ but i still cant access it :(

Pointswise right now, im closing in on the 500 mark, but im running out of stuff to submit that i know about. I still have several big articles pending, but im not sure if thats good enough to jump me to 1000. Anyway, im just about done with this dumb whiney blogpost, since my hands about to fall off after typing out a very long article about a Command and Conquer Generals expansion pack (including a full unit list) so ill close out with what ive been playing.

Ive been playing through the new N+ DLC, and im immensely enjoying the single player portions, and cant wait to try coop. Also, ive been working on Forza alot, trying to get a very nice Ferrari Dino tune out the door for my tuning shop, while stile working on Bad Company. Im heavily anticipating the Conquest mode DLC for that, and im predicting that its going to be released wednesday (hopefully). Closing out, heres a pic of a giantbomb themed Evo 8 GSR that my  Forza tuning shop will be releasing soon. Enjoy,



WOW!!!! Points!!!

wow, my points just exploded, ive gotten around 75 points in the last hour, stuffs moving very fast now, and im very happy!
short and pointless blogpost, but who cares? its points!


Day 2, First Points, Gabe Logan, Bombcast

 Well i got my first points today! All 4 of them! well im acutally happier than i sound, since 4 is alot more than ive had before. One thing that annonys me alot about the forums so far, is that everyone things its Gamespot, but seriously its not. Jeff didnt get any say in what Gamespot looked like, Giant Bomb did, so please treat it seperately! THIS IS NOT GAMESPOT! Also, i noticed that there was a Gable Logan character pages, so I requested that and a Lian Xing page, which led me to this question. What the crap happened to syphon filter? Its almost like Sony shot the franchise in the back of the head with a silenced pistol or something. We havent heard anything since Logans Shadow on PSP, and its not like Sony put alot of marketing behind that game, but ill probaly make a seperat e blog post about that stuff later. Also while im on the subject of psp, where was it at the sony press conference? My psp broke a few weeks ago, and ive been holding off buying a new one since i think psp 2 is coming very soon, what does everybody else think? Also i hope the crew talks about some of the craziest submissions they seen on the site in the bombcast tonight, that would be sweet.


Old ladies and Rock Band

I was at the dentist today getting my teeth cleaned, and thse two old ladies (well they were in their 40s) in the chairs across from me started talking about rock band, and then one of them was like where can i get that? And the other old lady was like, you have to have a xbox 360 for it, and the other lady said My sons got one of those!!! I'll go buy it today! anyway people that dont play games getting into Rock Band, its just weird


Apple stores and giant Gamestops in Alabama, WTF?

I recently took a trip to Huntsville Alabama, a town where rednecks and space shuttles collide, and my sisters somehow managed to drag me along shopping with them, i was shocked to find that on the tech side of things, Alabama has far more and larger stores than the town i live in (Pensacola Florida). I went in a huge gamestop and laid down a few preorders (Brothers in Arms HH and Fallout 3) the people that worked there were  actually nice (nice people at gamestop wtf?) and they had a way better stock of games than my local Gamestop. I also got a chance to head out to an Apple store in a shopping center which suprised me immensly. So anyway i went in and played with everything since im looking to pick up a new ipod soon, just waiting to see when they drop the price on a friggin touch since i dont need the phone half of the Iphone, and am also considering a zune, but whatever time will tell. i just wanted to inform the world that Alabama is ahead of Florida in technology, shocking I know

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