Gaming Woes

Gaming is not going good for me right now. I'll first start with Far Cry 2. I bought this game way back on launch date in late october. I love the game, and have been slowly working my way through it by playing 2 hours or so of it per week between my other games. Last week I was around 65% complete when my save got corrupted. I was pissed, and contacted Ubisoft who told me I would have to restart my game over again. I decided itwas worth itto start again, and after making my way through the long opening segments of the game until I got to around 15% complete. The my save became corrupted again, and again I was horribly pissed. Like how can Ubisoft get away with not patching a widely known save bug that has been around since launch and 4 months later it is still not fixed? I plan on eventually finishing the game.....hopefully which bring me to my next problem. Last night I switched on my 360 and got a single red light, along with a E74 error. I checked to see what this problem was, when I learned that MS had my console information saying my warranty had expired which is bull because I've only had it for a little over a year, and it comes with a three year warranty. So I'm working on disputing that now, but I have to say during the first year of owning a 360 im quite dissapointed in the hardware quality. Heres a small list of what I've gone through so far.


  • 10 days after getting my 360 my hard drive became corrupted, and had to wait nearly a month to get a new one since MS didn't have spares to give out because of the holiday sales rush. (Dec. 07)
  • The system ran fine for awhile, but I lost a COD4 disc and two copies of Forza Motorsport 2 because of disc scratching by the console
  • RROD in July 08 and got a new system in late August
  • One red light and error E74 (March 09)

So yeah, not fun times over here. If my warranty gets fixed, and I send the box back in, ill probaly be sticking to my Itouch and free PC games for my gaming needs. I was hoping to get into the Battlefield Heroes beta, but I doubt thats happening, so I may try out Quake Live, and report back on that later. Other reccomendations for free PC games would be appreciated :)