Where in the World is GalvanizedNails?

So its been awhile since I wrote on this space, around two months to be exact. I haven't really been not using the site, I just really haven't had the time in between playing this holiday's awesome games and a increasingly busy social life recently. So stuff I have bought since my last blog and a few quick thoughts on each. Its like 1 in the morning, but I figured I better updated this dusty old blog while I have the chance.

  • Castle Crashers- This game just blew my mind. I used to love the brawler genre so much, and the combination of great art, traditional brawler gameplay, and some light RPG elements make this probaly my favorite brawler of all time. Definitely worth the price.
  • Midnight Club: LA- Wow, just wow. If you can finish a four minute race through the heavy traffic of LA without wreck once then congrats! You have what it takes to succeed in Midnight Club: LA. That sounded pretty negative, but I enjoy the game quite alot. The car selection is nice and varied, cosmetic customization of the cars is very deep, even though the performance upgrading system is rather generic, and the city of LA just looks amazing, but the insane difficult that even the most dedicated drivers will have trouble winning and the fact that cars don't just handle differently enough (I should be able to tell the difference between how a Lancer Evo and a Mustang GT handle, right?) are what made me abit lukewarm towards this release. Still, its worth a look for hardcore racing fans.
  • Far Cry 2- So I bought this on release day and have maybe sunk around 12 hours into it or so, and I'm not even 30% done with the game. I really don't have much to say since I don't feel I have spent enough time with it yet, but if you like great, visceral shooters with some very cool ideas thrown in and don't mind driving for several hours to get to objectives than this game should intrest you.
  • DOOM- Yeah, I bought this when I had 400 MS points and 2 hours to kill. I played it once and haven't gone back since. Its definitely a DOOM port. Like you haven't played 50 of those already. I know I have, but this is the definitive port from the 2 hours I spent with it.
  • Gears of War 2- I went into this October/November not caring about Gears 2, but around November 5, I had my 'Oh crap! they are totally making another Gears of War game" moment and decided to go buy it on launch day. The single player is a huge improvement over the original, which I felt was very short, and occasionally downright bad. Its a much longer experience, the scripted sequences are far superior to the originals, and they used colors of than gray and brown this time! Multiplayer is a collosal improvement from Gears 1 as well. Maybe its just because I got into Gears 1 online very late, and by then everyone else was way too good for me, but this just feels more streamlined and balanced since weapons other than the shotgun and chainsaw do damage.
  • I bought COD: World at War a few days ago. I'm going to write something more in-depth about that after I've spent more time with it, but I'm having loads of fun with it so far.

Well that wa a weak blog. I just kinda wanted to put something here, and I had some spare time sooooo thats just what happened I guess. Quality writing will be here sometime soon though, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also, on the latest Bombcast, I was lucky enough to win the 120 gig Zune Gears 2 Edition, which is just plain awesome, but something I would probaly never pay for, so much appreciation goes out to the Bombstaff for running the contest than got me into Wiki editing again, plus snagging me a shiny new MP3 player (which I here works great with the NXE). Thanks Bombstaff! You guys are awesome!