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Favorite PSP games

MGS: Portable Ops brings MGS3 style gameplay to the psp with lots of cool new features

List items

  • Ace Combat really works well on the PSP, I don't see why namco hasn't made a sequal

  • Socom FTB 2 has the best online multiplayer of any PSP game becuase its amazing voice chat and clan system, and it has a decent way to get around the fact that the PSP lacks a second analog stick.

  • Killzone Liberation is a very intresting spin-off of the Killzone franchise. It is a shooter that uses a top-down isometric veiw, that makes the online multiplayer very team based, and it has a pretty long single player campaign as well as new DLC avaliable for a free download.

  • FF Tactics is simply the best SRPG made ever, and this updated version on the PSP can even hold up to far newer SRPGs like Jeanne D Arc and Disgaea.