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N+ is a suprisingly fun game thats easy to love and easy to hate becuase of its ocasionally frustrating difficultyGraphicsN+ features nice, simple graphics and everything is very easy to recognize. You will rarely ever die from confusion of where you are in single player thanks to the way that you character's black body stands out against the grey and white background.GameplayThe gameplay of N+ is similiar to a 2D platformer, your goal is to reach a switch that opens a door, and then get to that...

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Boom is a keyword 0

When someone says Battlefield what do you think of? Singleplayer? Multiplayer? If you said singleplayer than you must have been playing a different Battlefield for all these years, and Dice set out to create a worthwhile single player campaign with Bad Company. Single player does a great job of introducing you to all the various gadgets, and the characters are even funny sometimes. You have youre normal shouty sargeant, usual explosive crazed demolition guy (with a redneck twist) and for some re...

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