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Got an arcade stick today

Well went to a buddy's house today and he wanted to go over to gamestop to trade in a few games. I hadn't   been to gamestop in a while so figured why not. Well while I was there I saw they had 1 street fighter IV arcade stick for sell and decided I had to have it. I like the stick its got some nice features and the button layout is great. The buttons themself aren't great but are ok. The real problem I have with the stick is I really hate the joystick. It just doesn't feel right and is stiff. This is something I will have to replace and will probley do the same with the buttons.

Now to say its been awhile since I used a stick is an under statement its been years. So far it's not like riding a bike its pretty discouraging to feel like im learning to play the game all over again. It may be a cop-out but I think some of this has to do with the crappy joystick on it. Ofcourse most of it is my lack of practice with a stick. But i'm determined to get good with an arcade stick, because I know i'll be a better player for it. There's a reason why top players don't use a controller or a fightpad for that matter. I know i'll never be a top player, but I do want to get the best I can at the game and I feel using an Arcade stick will help me do that.