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If you needed Prove Ranked mode means nothing I have it

So I was playing ranked mode working on getting characters to C rank for the god forsaken achievement. So I started on ken and my first match was a mirror match my 0 BP ken vs this guys 3200 BP ken. I think great im gonna get shit on. But match starts and this guy turns out to be a mashing whore  who jumps around like a tard, and I end up raping him like he is my prison bitch. I laugh at him and bask in my victory over this jackass, and keep playing.
Then of course things must come full circle and a few matches later I play a 800BP blanka. He is a random ass crap blanka but the universe take pleasure in kicking me in the nuts. I make some dumbass mistakes and lose then in a bit of  irony this lame ass blanka sends me a message. Calling me a scrub ken. I love it.
So for anyone who thinks there badass cause they have so much PP or BP or ranked so high. Trust me thats not saying a whole lot. Your basically the best student in special-ed class. The opposite is true as well if you think you suck cause your lose in ranked mode. You probably don't random ass scrubs win sometimes it happens.
Ranked mode means shit my friends play it to get the dumb shit achievement thats about it.