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its saturday morning! time for your favrite tv show!! 0

  When I came to Tron Bonne I didn’t have any idea of the connection to Megaman, I'd never played legends and just bought this colourful and fun looking game on a whim. I didn’t get what I was expected, I got better. Back in the ps1 days there were few games that had any vibrancy or life. Sure final fantasy 7 was epic and moving and many peoples defining moment of the ps1 but it really didn’t speak to me like it did to everyone else. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game and I like a good RPG,...

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wha! its cant be!! good!!! no, but it is!!1! 0

  So I have to admit now that I was quietly looking forward to the release of s.s.a.s.r, each of the trailers released added more and more fun looking elements. But with that excitement comes high potential of disappointment and with sonic the hedgehog involved there’s high chances of failure and disappointment. Don’t get me wrong I like Sonic and Sega games, but I've bought almost every Sonic game and more and more been burned by his gaming experiences. So indeed there was a good chance this ...

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colours! so meny colours!! 0

  Firstly you should know that I used a classic controller to play this. Using anything less then that is utter foolishness as the game, although still playable, is not nearly as responsive or fun. A GameCube pad is a good 2 choice if this is all you have or for multiplayer but classic or an official fightstick (impossible to get hold of) are what you need.   So the official relaunch of the VS series of games from capcom. It’s an interesting reworking, Limited with the GameCube limitations capco...

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ready for some pun-ishment 0

  It’s worth a note that I came to dead rising 2 with 2 things. The first was a massive love for dead rising. Like many with the early 360s I bought my console for dead rising. Everything about it appealed to me, the classic arcade friendly play style, the massive playground sandpit play and the many zombies.   The second was a save from dead rising case 0, giving me access to items I would either have to earn, or that wouldn’t appear at all. Also making my chuck level 5 from the off.   To get ...

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onto the adventure of a lifetime 0

  A brightly coloured, endlessly entertaining, warm and adventurous action game.   Uncharted, now well know for its high quality and great character was a bit of a risk when originally released by naughty dog. The studio better known for cartoony platformers had a good run on both Jak and Daxter and crash bandicoot before that. But as with Crash, Jak and Daxter was starting to go stale. With the ps3 came the chance to launch something new. Something drastically different from that which had come...

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early highs lead to slow fizzles 0

  Making a game about hell it self is a large undertaking. Making a game supposedly influenced by the most respected work of literature on the subject of hell is an even bigger more daunting task.   Dante’s Inferno claims to be based around the general concept and work by Dante Alighieri on his Inferno work. I have read and become a fan of the original 14 century poem inferno (Part of the much larger work the Divine Comedy) and I found it to be all at once enthralling, disturbing and beautiful ...

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reaching out at the end 0

  The last halo developed by series creators Bungie, takes a step back thematically and literally to produce a game that creates a solo player game that’s thrilling and effecting, a multiplayer game that’s wide open and full with a creative mode that is deeper then any other on console game that’s come before.   Upon starting up halo reach for the first time you’re faced with the option to customise your Spartan, picking a helmet, colour scheme and even gender. This all seems pretty much like wh...

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feel the radioactive love 0

  Before you play fallout 3 or read this review there’s one thing you need to know. Fallout 3 is the single buggiest game I’ve ever played. And its also one of the greatest games ive ever had the chance to enjoy. During the game i've seen deathclaws (the games uber monster) fall directly up into the sky, beaten protectrons slowly and staidly start to stretch across the room and the outside world literally start to break up into intangible squares in the sky. None of these things affected my fun...

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oh my god it burns 0

  How do you tackle a game as.... distinctive as blue stinger? Back at the release of the dreamcast it was being held up as the best looking game , like , ever man!, in the games press of the time (the now no longer with us Computer and video games for example. But when it hit, not only did its ripples cause no impact on the surface of videogames the world over... It was FAR from a graphical powerhouse. Now don’t get me wrong, ill be honest from the off. This is a very bad and very flawed game....

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A bite of the action to come. 0

  Two weeks before the release of Dead Rising 2 proper saw the release of what can been seen as an experimental game release. All at once a prequel, demo and stand alone arcade title exclusive to 360. Dead Rising case 0 is an interesting experiment. Allowing people to get used to dead risings new protagonist Chuck Greene and the changes due in the upcoming full dead rising 2.   Case zero is set a few years (as far as we can tell) before the events of DR2, there’s been an outbreak in chucks h...

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More like Prison Break: Monkey Boy 0

 Devloped by ZootFly and Published by Deep Silver, Prison Break: The Conspiracy is a half decent representation of Season 1 of the TV series.The game takes place in the Prison from the show and has the player taking on the role of Tom Paxton who is under orders from the infamous government power known as the company.Now unlike the Lost game, you take control of the popular characters from the series which makes that game a bit easier to stand, but when you play as a nobody who pops up for...

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it’s still a cracker of a game 0

 Brought to you by Ruffian Games, Crackdown 2 is the mind blowingly addictive sequel to Real-Time World’s Crackdown. Set in the same city as the first game, Crackdown 2 sees you once again take up the mantle of one of the ever watching agents of Pacific City. Players begin as a standard Agent with the lowest possible stats. As players traverse the city they can find various collectable orbs to help increase said stats (or skills). The skills included are the same as those in the first game, ag...

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a deep and believable world that the player can get lost in 0

  It's hard to find a game that really creates a world that's both tangible but also breath taking in their breadth and also in the visual splendor of it. Shadow of the colossus in one game that can say it does this. This Is all the more impressive given it is built on the hardware limitations of the ps2 and because it does this feat with almost no cut scenes, voice acting or living creatures to interact with. You play as Wanda, a young man who has come to a forgotten and forb...

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After six years Alan wake finally arrives on xbox 360. 0

The long wait has done nothing to dull peoples interest in the games proposition. The question is has time been to the games benefit? A lot of great and groundbreaking games have been released since the games original announcement and it comes now after a year of top releases for all consoles. Alan is an author with a bad case of writers block. He heads with his wife to the idyllic town of Bright falls to recharge and find inspiration. At first look the town is a non to exceptional pl...

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Klonoa door to the fun times 0

 Okay, so before I begin - in case it doesn’t become apparent during the course of this excuse for a review - I am a bit of a Klonoa fangirl. (that is, when I’m not throwing the controller down, screaming, after my attempt to shave a couple of seconds off my best time on the bonus level has been thwarted ONCE AGAIN.) So, yeah. Klonoa: Door To Phantomile on the PS1 is one of my favourite games ever. In case it passed under your radar back in 1998, Klonoa was a harmless 2.5D side-scroller c...

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patapon dances to greatness 0

 Patapon is a rhythm game like no other. Brought to you by Japanese developers Pyramid & published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Patapon sees you lead a tribe of warriors to the fabled ‘Earthend’ where a prophecy foretells they will gaze upon ‘IT’ and be happy. The game starts out simply enough with a lone Patapon left after a seemly devastating battle. The player takes up the mantle of the Patapon god, the ‘Almighty’, and guides their devoted subjects through an innovative use of r...

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One of the best gears ever 2

 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkers story is set after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3.Snake is contacted by (???) and asked to go on one last mission, Snake refuses, only to take it on after hearing a tape recording of what sounds like his former mentor boss.The game is a mix of modern action adventure and tactical role play. Before each mission you have the option to equip yourself before you take on a mission.You have the option to play 4 player over ad-hoc on the PS3 or 6 player local. Some la...

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