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Do we need armour/hp?

So i've been digging around alot on RPG mechanics lately and i'v found it very odd how more or less all of them have armour. Why is that? What can Armor achieve that HP can't? Essentially that's all armour is, if you have 100 hp with armour reducing damage to 10% or have 1000 hp its the same thing. Or if you have an ability that decreases damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds, you can just have an ability that increases your current hp by 100% and w/e % of your hp remains at the end of the 10 seconds remains so but the base health goes back to where it was before.

I think this is one of those things that gamer's are too stupid to realize is pointless and adds an extra layer of complexity in their heads(which makes them feel special). However it's not harmless stupidity I bet there's a whole bunch of mechanics in games that are needless and we don't realize it and if they were removed games would be more accessible to people and probably expand the industry.

Diablo 3 does a good job of eliminating some of these mechanics but it doesn't go far enough, armor is still there and now there's a resist all thing, which is the same as armour. Other games like Torchlight, Dragon's Dogma, Path of Exile, and the recently kickstarted grim dawn will continue to just follow the old formula without thinking critically about wasteful activity. I guess only Blizzard does paradigm innovation but I am still very disappointed at how slow the industry is in applying lean techniques to their products.

edit: I'm tired of explaining the same concept so many times... figure it out yourselves, if you have any good arguments against it then post, but please stop being clueless.