PAX To The Max

Hi there everyone, sorry this blog is deceivingly late but I spent pretty much all of yesterday at the Tutankhamun exhibition in London. Still here I am and it's hard to believe that it was only last Saturday that I was here, ranting about Fable II Pub Games. But in my time this week I have played plenty of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, Rock Band and Puzzle Pirates. In fact Puzzle Pirates have a new puzzle, foraging which has managed to reignite an old feature of the game and put a bit of a new spin on the economy, so if you have an account on there it's worth going back to for a look. I've also got a few more Rock Band songs and just like with Guitar Hero it seems that they're really aiming to provide challenging DLC.

I downloaded another demo this week, the eagerly-awaited Castle Crashers. The art style and the kind of side-on combat made me a bit unsure about this game at first but having played a little of this I can see how it could get to be a really fun and addictive experience an yet I'm not sure if I want to pay for over 1000 points just to pick up Castle Crashers. One thing that worries me a little about the game is the glitches (feels just like last week again, doesn't it). Firstly, although I'm not too likely to play Live Arcade games around other peoples houses, my heart goes out to anybody who lost stat-changes on the game through a glitch that wipes them should you play it on a different console than you downloaded it for. The online play also seems to have some major glitches which make playing with others across the world a bit of a struggle. I know sometimes glitches can be unpredictable but this does seem a little like negligent testing on the part of the developers, hopefully all will be patched.

I'm sure many of you will know that PAX 2008 (The Penny Arcade Expo) is going on this week and is providing a Seattle-situated haven for nerds and gamers alike. Of course Bungie was there and it looks like they've got a very active line-up and are really aiming to please, in fact they were even showing off their new map Assembly and it's looking